Friday, September 10, 2010


Hi everyone.I have always been bragging of how I have never had a toothache in my life....well thats changed!!wow today i had my first toothache and am going to immortalize this major event in my blog...kinda stupid i know!Anyway its Friday and instead of a loud crazy night out,i opted for a cool,silent,girly sleepover at my friend's place.I like to do girly stuff sometimes.We are talking about boyz,a lot of giggling,some nail painting and watching America's next top model(does it get girlier than that??)Is there a word like girlier?..mmmmh oh well.

So the toothache.I still cant believe it.Kesho,i mean tomorrow ill go poking inside my mouth to try see the hell is happening in there

Ok people gotta get back to the 'party'.Later.Cheers

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