Monday, September 27, 2010

A very memorable trip to Phnom Tamao zoo, Cambodia.

Hey everyone.Well well well,we had a holiday on Friday,so the weekend was pretty long and I was just wondering what to do with all that time,then my friend suggested we go to the zoo!Yeah there is actually a zoo in Cambodia!!And we had so much fun at the zoo,but in order to understand everything,there is one thing yall need to know.Before I came to Cambodia,my friends were very very helpful,telling me what to expect,what to bring...etc.Well i was made to understand that Cambodia is extremely hot(compared to Kenya)and yeeees it is.It is sooo hot sometimes that i get sooo angry coz it is just ridiculous!!I mean it is 5pm in the evening and the temperature is 32 degrees!!what the hell?am always sweating like a pig and (lets not get into the heat in this place...ill loose it)So  moving everyone told me this helpful bits of advice,that i appreciated so much,but everybody failed to mention one of the most important things,which is CAMBODIANS HAVE NEVER SEEN BLACK PEOPLE!!!yes!they do not have any experience with black people,because not many black people visited Cambodia before now(still no excuse,the president of America is freaking Black,Oprah is freaking black..i mean..)Anyway so this means that they see you they stare!and when i mean stare,i don't mean like tiny, subtle i mean the kind where you start wondering am i naked and everybody is too embarrassed to tell me?They stare,some of them laugh and some poke their friends to join in the staring, is crazy!!The brave ones,like in the market and the mall will want to touch and rub your skin to see if the colour actually rubs off!!Well they don't mean it in a bad way,they are just naive!Oh yeah and they came up with a million perfect explanations why we are black
             A)Because Africa is soooooooooo hot that our skin got burnt.
             B)There are 3 suns in Africa..hence the heat.
             C)There is only 1 sun in Africa but it is sooo near our continent that we got burnt.
             D)We don't shower so the blackness is just a layer of dirt.
At least the Cambodians in the city are now somewhat used to black people,though they still stare.But the Cambodians in the countryside....we look like aliens to them!!

 Ok back to the zoo.We hired a car and off we went,it was not a long drive,maybe 45min-1hr.And we soon got there and there are many animals in cages although some of the monkeys were freely roaming around.So we start moving from cage to cage,and it was amazing.So we get to a cage that had these weird looking monkeys..with longer arms..and one of them had a baby,soo cute,the other one was just hanging around.They came close to where we were and had grabbed the cage.My friend touched it and goes like "Wow its feet are soft just like human"So i touch it too to confirm this.And we are having fun,taking pictures.She posed next to it and i also posed next to it.And our driver came along and i asked him if he wanted to take a picture too.He said yes and i took like 2 pictures when all of a sudden all hell broke loose!!!!!!!Out of the blue,one monkey grabbed his shirt..and the grip was so strong that he was actually struggling to free himself.I froze,my friend froze(thinking about it now,i should have taken some pics..mmmh!)and there was nothing we could do but watch!then finally it decided to loosen the grip and our driver fell on his butt!now this was kinda hilarious,so i walked away,laughing as quietly as possible!i laughed so hard,tears were streaming down my cheeks..aww,am laughing right now!!Am just glad that the crazy monkey did not grab our necks as we were busy taking pixs with my that would have been hell!

 Hahaaa i guess he was standing too close.hhahah

So we move along,and there were soo many animals to see.I was shocked that there were bears!bears!we don't even have bears in Kenya..where the hell did those come from?So we get to the lion's cage and we stand to look at it and these Cambodians see us and they stare AT US!!Am like there is a freaking lion over here,but staring at us still seems more interesting??Oh well clearly we were more interesting..

So we get a nice spot for our lunch and at this point am feeling like one of the animals(all the staring)..and to make the matters worse these are not Cambodians from the city,70% are from the province...dang!!So we are eating  peacefully and after wards a group of like 15 Cambodians see us and they start coming towards us.So they are there staring,being clearly fascinated...talking excitedly,and one of my friends tell them that they have to pay to look at us(but they cant understand English).Then i just look at them and in very clear Khmer (i can speak abit of their language) i said "WE EAT PEOPLE"hahahahaha you should have seen the look on their faces..hahah they all went silent..nobody said anything,they were shocked!!then one of my friends goes like "Maggie what have you told them?" i told her that i told them we eat people!!And she goes like WHAT??then she starts packing in a hurry and i am laughing so hard..and she is like why the hell should i tell them that and clearly they are more than us,what if they attack us??then they slowly dispersed and left us alone.Am sure they were thinking,well lets get out of here before we are eaten..hahahha it was so much fun,but ill probably not do that again!!


  1. First of all, that zoo story is just hilarious, secondly, i thot it was only in Finland, that we are stared at, black pple i mean, aahhh glad to know we r not the only ones...oh and the bears came from Finland, u were wondering why they are in Cambodia!! hahhaha, I EAT PEOPLE!! hahahahhah, laughing my ass off!!i should probably tell that to this people, next time they stare at me!!
    Be well!

  2. Hiiii yeah imagine they stare at us here.Even in Finland?wow id think Finland is a lil developed for that...well compared to here!am glad you enjoyed the story,if you were there we would have laughed together coz it was jus tooooo funny.take care dear.