Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bad Bad day...arrrrgh!!

Well I had a feeling this was going to be a not sooo good day,had received some pretty bad news yesterday and i had some weird dreams at night and i woke up feeling all moody,i even got angry at the alarm for ringing(poor alarm).Then i went to take a shower and water was cut off and i was soooo mad i just wrapped a towel around my body,opened the door and shouted at my landlord's worker to turn the freaking water back on!!(my landlord lives in the same compound)For some weird reason when am really angry i cant speak Khmer(cambodia's language)so i was just going on and on in english at this poor woman who doesn't understand a word am saying and she was wondering..this chic is always speaking to me in khmer so how come today she is speaking English??Then in her twisted Cambodian reasoning,she decided that probably am not talking to she looked around for a second with a confused look on her face and continued to do whatever it is she was doing.That just made it worse for me..who else am i talking to I mean seriously I am looking directly at you and there is no one else in the compound.I had to calm myself down,take a few deep breaths and slowly say "Tak!!Ot mien tak!!"(Water!there is no water!!)Then she smiles and goes like "Oh somto,cham kinyom balk aowi.."(Oh sorry let me turn it on for you).I couldn't even say thank you,went back in took my shower,got ready and out i went.

 So the easiest and most convenient mode of transport in Cambodia is a motobike taxi.To make things easier for me i have one regular one that takes me to work every morning and comes picks me after.He is usually downstairs at the gate waiting for me every morning,but today i go down and i cant see him.So am like ok..maybe he is a little late let me call him.So i call and he goes like he has a stomachache he cant come,so am like why dint you tell me..i mean.So now i have to hunt for another motobike,its not a hustle since they are alover the place but the problem is they see a foreigner and they hike the price and i was in no mood for arguing over prices. So normally i pay 2000riels thats $0.50 or 40ksh,so the first bike i get goes like 5000riels!!am like what??get out of can i pay more than double??oh i dint want to get worked up,so i just walked on.After like 3 more bikes i finally get someone who is not trying to steal from me!So off to work i go.Am so glad work isnt stressful at all,i actually lit up after like 2 minutes.

 The rest of the day was uneventful,am in a much better mood right now and am actually a lil excited because tommorow we are going to the Royal Palace.It will be my first time there which is weird coz its one of the major tourist attractions here and just about all foreigners have already been there.I actually almost went one time but my friends and i did not know that they do not  allow you to enter if you are in a sleeveless top or you are in all of us couldnt enter for either of the reasons..i was kinda pissed.They should announce that or write it in the brochures.And there were some guys selling t-shirts at the entrance,and i remember thinking that was weird..i mean .then i understood!!if u have a sleeveless top you can buy a t-shirt and put it on your sleeveless one!!hahaha my friends and i were not going to buy new t-shirts just to go see the palace.Anyways its their country ,their rules.

Hope to have a better evening.Cheers everyone!!

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