Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feel Beautiful Day!!!

Have you ever had one of those days that you wake up and you feel like you are on cloud nine?You are feeling really good inside,really beautiful outside?And every step you make is like dang girl...well i woke up feeling like that today.Today was my Feel Beautiful Day!!Aaaaaah had a very nice weekend.Am happy!!There was a party yesterday night...thats the 9th weekend in a row there is a party to attend-wow!Alot of people are sure hosting parties,maybe I should host a party too..mmmh soon!It was my friend's daughter's birthday.My friend K went out of her way to make sure it was a really nice party.K is one of the nicest people I have personally met in Cambodia.We went over to help out with the cooking in the afternoon-so much fun.(Note to self:Cooking while tipsy=bad idea)We left at 1am,and one of the best things i love about Cambodia is the security.You can go anywhere at wherever time and no one will ask you anything.Sometimes I take walks as late as 11pm at night..when the air is cool.

So i went to church today,i was in a very good mood(its my Feel Beautiful Day remember?)stopped at the coffee shop for a frappe mocha,and i actually pulled a celeb stunt in there..i walked in and am like am not taking off my sunglasses(its shady to wear sunglasses indoors or at night unless you are a celebrity!!!)but who cares its Cambodia and am feeling gooooood!!church was nice.The woman who sat next to me had 4 toes...its the second time she is sitting next to me,and i learnt that never lie to yourself that you have nothing to be grateful for,and never take anything for granted.So we went for window shopping in this very expensive shop with one of my friend after curch.And the pricetags were like ridiculously priced right,but we want the staff in the shop to think we shop at these kinds of shops always the rule is never act surprised!!so instead of exclaiming at a price,we would open our eyes really oook,was hilarious!hahahah.

I am feeling so sleepy and its only 9pm???...and my ancient computer can get pretty stupid at times.Oh well i enjoyed my Feel Beautiful Day!!!.Goodnight everyone!


  1. Feel Beautiful Day!! i like that!!!

  2. Magda keep them enjoying every bit of your blogs, i just got back from schoola nd the first thing i checked was ur blog!! Keep it up!!


  3. Milka,thanx so so so much for reading.Wow am blushing so bad right now!!thanx again.