Thursday, September 9, 2010

I have my own blog!!!

I have been doing some research here and there about blogging..was really interested in writting down my thoughts and stuff..but I always thought it was extremely difficult to start ablog.So today I just decided to do it,and its done yoohoo!!Now i have no idea what in particular I will be blogging about..and am actually just learning a thing or two as am going along,so this should be exciting lol.nway hope I wont bore everyone to death..i can be very annoying sometimes lol.I can also be very

Oh yeah i was supposed to introduce myself!!My name is Magdalene but many people call me many different things..but i guess maggie is the most common.This therefore leads to the confusion that my name is Margaret!!And that awkward moment when I introduce myself as Maggie then i go ahead and explain that its really Magdalene and not Margaret and ...yeah!

Anyhu I have been living in Phnom penh,Cambodia for 2yrs+ now...and i like it.Cambodia is a cool place to be.It is really beautiful and the people here are wonderful and life here is easy and crazy at the same time.I cant say everything about Cambodia right now otherwise id never finish this post...but you will learn more about it as the days go by and i tell you more and more,and by the time am through with all of you..yall want to come over to the Kingdom of Wonder(Cambodia's nickname).

So where were we?i was saying some things about myself...mmmmm oh yeah ill introduce you to my friends(but i wont disclose their real names-this is sooo cool lol)My friends and I do crazy things and sometimes get into funny in order for me to tell you all those stories explicitly..i cant disclose their names lol.

You will learn that am outgoing,adventurous,spontaneous,crazy(at times),happy...but am human,i got weaknesses too!!

I sure hope I will be posting on a regular basis.See yall cheers.

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