Thursday, September 16, 2010

So much fun today...

I was too quick to get excited about today's trip to the Royal Palace!!!lololol.This is what happened.I got to school,all the students scheduled to go to the Palace today came to school early and they were all excited and very eager to leave.I was i dont blame them.So the assistants had to change them into school t shirts..(you know so that they look official and to make it easy for the teachers to identify them)And apparently we also had to change into the school t shirt too.So we all have breakfast in school as usual,and we are scheduled to leave after breakfast.After breakfast we are all ready and the students line up nicely waiting for the school bus.And am thinking wow so well behaved(little did i know!!!)The bus arrives and in the excitement they all rush towards it and am thinking oh well just kids being kids.So off we go.We get there and it starts drizzling a little so we have to wait.Then we actually get to go in(after paying).Once we got in all hell broke loose...the kids were alover the place they couldnt walk nicely,they wanted to step and play in the small puddles of  water,everybody is staring at us..well most of them were like "oh they are really cute!!"and they were taking photos and stuff,but trust me,it was not cool!!

When we got to the first building,we had to take off our shoes(yeah just imagine)and once in nobody was supposed to touch anything(when i say nobody i actually mean the 30 kids!!!)it was not easy,we were like "hey,dont touch that.hey stop.hey come here.hey the hell is wrong with you??"lolol it was crazy.And trust me things kids one kid was like touching the floor with her finger and licking the finger and when i saw her,i frowned and started going towards her coz i did not want to shout,right,when she saw me coming,she started doing it faster..lickng the ground as fast as she could before i got to her!!kids are crazy lolol.One time we were supposed to go right,then like 6 kids started running in the opposite direction..then we had to run after them...then the other kids thought it was a game and they started runnin too!!I just started was hilarious!!I was soo tired when i got home i just took a nap.Atleast next time there is a school trip,i know what to expect!!waaaa...but was kinda fun!!

So i told you guys before that am looking to meet new people,expand my circle of friends,well i started today.I went out for drinks with this British chic,we had fun.She is really niceWe went to this joint that is really cool,it has a bar but also serves like frie and stuff,but the best part is it has a swimming pool too.So you get to hang out in the pool too if u want.Great place.

I just wanna go to bed now.Goodnight everyone!!!!Cheers.

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