Monday, April 11, 2011

Just DANCE!!

Those who know me very well know that I like to wait..I loooove to dance.I think I was born dancing..I feel good when I dance,don't get me not the best dancer out there,but when I start dancing,mostly I don't even care who is around me,who is watching,or whether am embarrasing myself or not!!I just do it!!When I go out dancing,I can dance for ages,hell I can even dance with no music on(well mostly when am tipsy lol) and I dance alone in my house alot too(weird??well wateva!!) I LOVE dancing!Nowadays I don't dance as much as I used to growing old you know...But yeah dancing feels good!!

 So,last Friday,I had one of those days when I feel like I need to seriously it's like a bad itch!My friends had planned to meet up for happy hour cocktails at Raffles Le Royal,a very posh hotel here..drinks are like $8.It was really nice,we were all dressed up and the cocktails were good and I have really good friends here,it's always fun hanging out with them wherever we are.But no dancing some good cocktails and awesome company. I had planned to later go to the African get my dance fix.

 After dinner two of my western/white friends were brave enough to go to the African club with me..haha..we had an awesome time. My friends were hilarious,they kept making all these jokes...we just laughed most of the time.We danced the night away to African beats.And I was happy!!We were all happy.We will definitely go there again!

 The next day,which was Saturday we had an early Khmer New Year staff party.Well in my campus there are only 2 expat teachers,me and an Australian dude that makes me laugh everyday!(Ill have to talk about him soon,he deserves a whole post not just a paragraph or a few lines!!) I think he is awesome.Ok,get this,when I go to work I make very little effort to look good.haha.I don't put on any make up,I always wear flat shoes..sometimes sandals,and other times rubber shoes ...haha,I never wear earings or any accesories,I ALWAYS wear black pants(I got loads of black pants)..hey I donno why,but I just don't!So I decided that for this party I was gonna bring it on!!I was going to go the whole nine yards...make up,pretty dress,high heels,huge magnificent gold earrings and all(I even almost got the fake eyelashes..haha..but was like no,not today!)So that my Cambodian workmates can know that I can if I want to,I just mostly don't want to. The party was supposed to start at 5:30pm but I came in at 6:00pm.As I walked through the gate,everyone was sitted and they could see me walking in,and all of a sudden they started clapping and cheering and all I could think was ...Maggie,DO NOT fall,do not freaking fall!!!!I didn't fall haha.We ate,drank,laughed,played,and DANCED!!we danced to some Cambodian songs and I danced and danced and danced,until my feet couldn't take it no more(damn you high heels)You all know how Cambodians get when they take just a little beer...they are loud and fun!!and they cheers alot!Let's just say I had a really good time,everyone wanted to dance with me was funny!Oh my Australian workmate was there too with the white boy moves...hilarious!

Ok!!So today is the day.Am going to Kratie province,am hoping to participate in all the Khmer New Year games,go to the pagoda and finally see what they do up there and try out all the weird Cambodian food I have never tried out...well except the prohok..which is basically rotten fish,no way ill ever eat that,or the egg with the growing embryo inside...just disgusting to even think about.(Sorry no offense to anyone.)But I hope they serve me fried frogs over there..ill gladly eat that for the first time..I heard it tastes like chicken,haha i like how everything weird tastes like chicken!

A plate of  fried FROG!!

 Cheers,Have fun everybody.Happy Khmer New Year!!Ill def let you know if I eat frog!!lol if I do,ill have pics,loads and loads of pictures for you my lovelys!!


  1. OMG Fried frogs??? Eeeew.... Take pics if you do. Was at a party last Friday with some Nothern Sudanese friends and they served us raw liver...I couldnt even taste it but they seemed to really enjoy it... Talk of different cultures and their foods...

  2. Haha fried frogs isn't the worst.There is this thing called prohok..its just rotten seriously,rotten,smelly fish eeeew!!Wait,raw liver??OMG!!raw liver???GFF!!wow,awesome!yeah i love how different cultures are..very interesting!!

  3. Hi Maggie,
    Just passing through. Decided to look up Cambodia for some reason and found your blog. I love it. You seem like you are having some big fun over there. I'm in Califonia, USA. Oakland, to be exact. I went to Southeast Asia 18 years ago for 8 weeks but didn't make it to Cambodia. Probably won't be going there soon either, but I will read your blog again. The rotten fish sounds pretty bad. But I could probably try it. The frogs--I don't know about that. Keep having fun, gal.

  4. Hi Janet,
    Oh thank you for reading my blog,hope you aren't bored to death lol.Yeah I have lots of fun's amazing.It's a really wonderful place.I have't tried the rotten's only for the brave ones lol.Well I haven't been around South east Asia much,just to Thailand and a tiny little bit of Vietnam,am hoping to do some serious travelling through SE Asia some day.If you ever come back to Asia,set 2 days aside for CAmbodia,you will love it.


  5. Rotten fish?! I don think id eva wan2 try it out unless it has sm BIIG benefits bt still naaa...good 2 hear ur still dancin frm our old days in skul(rem?) mpaka saa hii, i lurv dancing lyk crazy too! Hav fun, mwah!
    Wairimu Val.

  6. Hello Maggie, i just arrived in Phnom Penh and stumbled across jour blog, arrived here from Nairobi, no ime not a Kenyan, but a Mzungu who's spent a long time in East Africa, i would love to find the African Club, are there any African reastaurants in Phnom Penh?

  7. Helloooo 'mzungu'. Welcome to Cambodia!!The African club is jus a 2 minute walk from walkabout.It is called Do it All.ALso has a restaurant.Its mostly Nigerian music and food...well let me say West African food.They eat very different things from East Africans...but you can check it might like it.Have fun!!

  8. Maggie,

    I really read your blogs, in 2008 i was in Kampala and mostly i lived in Mabarara region so visited country side alot. The dance of Africans are very good.


    1. Ah Kampala? Ive never been to Uganda, I hope you had a lovely time living there :)


  9. Hi! Where can I find the African Club in Phnom Penh? Can you name some of them? Thanks.