Thursday, September 9, 2010


Goodafternoon yall!!Its 12:34pm am home from work.I work part time in a Kindergarten school,from 7 to noon,and I cant believe how much fun am having.Its only been two weeks there and am settled and I really like the place,plus my students are the most adorable 4yr olds av ever met.cute cute cute.What i like about my new place of work is that its so a home.Sometimes I forget its actually workplace,so relaxed.I remember the other day a teacher was like ' Madam (our boss) I always do my washing at my friend's place coz she has a washing machine,but she'l be busy in the evening so i wanna go now coz she is in the house right now"...and I held my breath..i couldnt wait for the reply,my fingers were crossed and i turned my head away in anticipation of the embarassing tell off that teacher was going to get.Shock on me,the boss was like 'oh ok' and she went about her business.I was like what!!!i need alot of adjusting coz my previous place of work was..i donno very formal.Anyway i wonder what i can get away with at my new place..mmmmh!

Yeiii its Friday,I love Fridays.Lately there has been a party every weekend for the past...i dono like 6 or so weeks.And well yeah they have been fun and all but seriously all that food..not good for the waistline!!ahem!Am hoping to go out dancing tonite with some of my girlfriends,yeah i miss dancing.One of my girlfriend is not in town..she is my partner in crime so  i miss her so so much.We always get in trouble,she is a kinder tr too.I remember this one night we had a sleepover at her place so we went to shop for drinks and stuff.we thought we would just get in the supermarket grab the drinks we want,pay and get out..i mean what could possibly happen.Well in we went,we dint even bother with the basket..grabbed the drinks and on our way to the counter we had shouting ' Teacher,teacher" then a happy little kid with her parents and aunty and grandma( they had to all go for shopping at that particular time!!) appear out of nowhere.It was one of her students!!we had to stand there and say the hellos and how u doing,holding an insane amount of alcohol in our hands,begging for the earth to swallow us whole!!And the family was so polite..they kept staring at the drinks but they did not ask a question.Afterwards i told my friend 'I can bet u a 100 bucks that kid isn't coming to school on monday!!'..and the follwing monday the kid did not show up.lolol bt it wasnt coz of that(I really think it was)Apparently the kid was sick so she was in school on Tuesday.

So lets see what the weekend holds for me.Will tell you all about it.Cheers!!

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