Thursday, December 27, 2012

Morning walk down the Riverside.

I have 2 weeks off from work, and all I want to do is celebrate Christmas and just lounge and do alot of nothing. Well going swimming, getting massages, going to the movies kinda counts as nothing no? Today morning I woke up and decided to go down to the Riverside here in Phnom Penh...have breakfast, read a book and maybe walk around. I have always wanted to try out the breakfast buffet at The Mekong bar and Restaurant, so I headed on there. The buffet costs $2.75 and it included all you can eat eggs(omelets,sunny side up and scrambled) toast, baguette, fresh fruits (2 kinds) Chocolate croissants and other baked thingys, Fried rice, toast, jam and butter, coffee, tea, orange juice and lime juice. I thought mmhh its a good deal. They serve breakfast from 8am-11am. The food wasn't bad but it's also not amazing. Especially the eggs..they were all pre-made, so they kinda got soggy. I sat there eating and people watching (obviously I had on my huge sunglasses)

I still had a few more pages of The Alchemist left to read(I started reading it yesterday) so after I ate I just sat there reading. Ok let me just say this, I know the hype surrounding this book and it is kinda weird that I am only reading it now, but hey, better late than never right? Also, it is def not what I expected it to be...I expected at least a huge book and when I got it it was so something I could read in a day-I was surprised. Something else, at least 3 people talked to me today all because of the book. One of them even recommended another book called The Celaestine Prophecy...said it had the same 'spiritual' vibe as The Alchemist.

 After I finished reading and watching I left and started walking towards the Royal Palace. I saw some men fishing in the river and I sat down and watched them for a little while. There were people along the river. Some were resting, others were running, others grooming each other, others were sleeping but overall everyone was simply enjoying the beautiful morning by the river :)

I am reading Eleven Minutes right now....

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