Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free Ice lemon tea :)

 Last Sunday I went to the Christmas Fair at the Intercontinental Hotel here in Phnom Penh Cambodia. That's 2 Christmas Fairs so far :) I went with a friend, we first had breakfast around Russian Market, and it was a lovely day. The fair was really good. Different individuals, organisations, shops and boutiques had tables displaying products they were selling. There were different things on display- and all were very very beautiful. Items ranged from scented candles to cool looking metal geckos, but mostly there was jewelry..everywhere..and most of it was hand made. I gotta say, there are some pretty creative people out there. There were so many other things, baby stuff, clothes, ceramics etc etc .

How cool are these?Seriously?!

Old woman with saggy boobs :)

I liked this one.

A choir sang Christmas songs and 2 children sang a song in Swahili- what are the odds? It felt so good to understand what they were There was a woman dressed up as santa ..though I donno if she was like the official santa for the event or she just decided to dress up as santa I saw a woman who carried her baby in a funny looking baby basically looked like a back pack. So at first glance its like..omg that woman has stuffed her baby in a back pack!!But looking closely it was actually a baby carrier..hehe still looked funny. I had to take a picture.


How cute?

The highlight of the whole thing was the raffle draws. They were selling raffle tickets for a dollar.but the prices to be won were ridiculous!! An Ipad2, a trip for 2 to Singapore, Hanoi and Hong Kong all expenses paid, dinner at Raffles hotel, 3 nights stay at Veranda Kep, Dinner at Sofitel, wine vouchers, etc etc. What?! I couldn't believe it..such wonderful prices, and obviously I did not win anything :( Oh well.

After exploring for ages, my friend and I decided to go to Sovana mall,which is walking distance from the Intercontinental Hotel, for a cool down. We got there and decided to go to Secret Recipe because they have   good tasting cakes that I have always wanted to try. So we looked at the cakes (they all looked yummy) and although it took a while to decide, we were ready to order. Then we were surprised to learn that they had an offer: Any purchase of a slice of cake form 3pm-6pm came with free tea or coffee. We both chose tea and our cakes came with free Ice lemon tea- just what we needed after the walk from Intercon in the hot sun! The cakes were delicious!My friend chose the chocolate mud slice and I got the fudge cake or something..jeez I can't remeber :( Anyway for $3.00 a piece plus free ice lemon tea, it was a good deal. Did I say the cakes were delicious?

This is the chocolate mud was yummy!My friend got it.

I got the.. chocolate fudge?Still yummy but I liked my friend's better LOL

Free Lemon ice tea :)


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