Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Fair, Chinese noodles...A Saturday well spent.

So most people here in Cambodia had a week off for the Water Festival holiday...Yay!! What did you guys get upto? I went to Kampot for a few days just to chill out. I did nothing but eat(lots), drink beer(lots of beer) and laze was awesome, there is a big possibility that I gained 5 kilos though :( Ill write a separate post on Kampot.

I had a wonderful day yesterday (Saturday) It was a beautiful sunny day :) I met up with a friend and we both went to check out the Christmas fair at Le Duo on st 228. The fair was set for 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was really nice to just walk around from stand to stand and have a look what people had on. It is amazing how creative people are!!Several stands absolutely blew me away....there was everything from hand made jewellery to various very creative baby stuff like baby carriers etc etc, to Christmas decorations, to home made jam (my friend and I tasted ALL the flavors lol) to handbags made from jeans, to various sculptures and paintings, Christmas stockings of every shape and color-some were shaped like high heels :) ,tiny little Christmas trees-it was lovely..and there was Christmas music playing softly in the background. I really enjoyed this.

We then went to The Plantation to cool down with a cold drink at the red pool bar. The Plantation is a cool boutique hotel on st 184 and the red pool is open to the public as long as one buys something at the bar. But the pool looks so shallow, I am not sure if its some sort of an illusion lol but seriously it looks like thigh deep- I need to go swimming there to confirm this.

After leaving The Plantation I went to meet another friend for lunch at the Chinese noodle Restaurant. Ok if you live in (or are vistiting ) Phnom Penh and have never been to Chinese noodle Resto,you need to get on it right NOW!!Its a...well the name tells it all. Its a small restaurant that serves home made noodles and other various chinese dishes including some of the best dumplings i've ever had. And everything is sooo cheap and sooo tasty.Its on Monivong next to Bayon bakery.

After a delicious meal we went and had a dip in the pool for about 2 hours, which felt lovely. Then we finished our afternoon by deciding to try out one of the many coffee places opened at BKK1 area. It is called Kiriya and I think its Japanese. I was massively disappointed here by the coffee and small servings which was very expensive. Ill stick to Gloria jeans next time i feel like buying expensive coffee. Otherwise the Tela on the corner of monivong and Mao Tse Toung works just fine for me (considering I only drink coffee once in a while).

I went back home to shower and rest for an hour before meeting two girl friends at 7 and head out to our friend's house party.  It was so much fun!!We ate, drunk, talked, laughed, danced- well I didn't dance though. And overall so much fun was had!! I got back home a little after midnight, a little tipsy, still giggling from some of our conversation at the party, but happy that it was a Saturday well spent :)

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