Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chill Out Monday :)

Happy Holidays to all of you my lovelies wooohooo!!!It's not been all happy for me I'm afraid. I have been sick since Wednesday..grrrr and it has not been fun. I've just been in the house resting and fuming for most of Wednesday to Sunday. But hey, I have been feeling progressively better each day and today I woke up in such a jolly mood...and although I am not quite 100% yet and I still can't drink any alcohol :( I am really thankful that I do not feel like absolute crap on Christmas Eve. And if tomorrow I feel even better than today,then Il enjoy Christmas :) I was a bit worried that I'd be sick all through Christmas.

What a beautiful morning it is my dears. It's sunny and the sky was so blue when I got up but now its a bit cloudy-but still beautiful though. I went to the market to get me some fresh fruits. And I was so tempted to sit down at the local coffee place inside the market with other Cambodians, but I didn't. I bought some guavas, bananas and leafy vegetables as most of the Cambodians in there who saw me exclaimed in one way or another SMH. Some would call out as loud as they can to anyone that can hear them that "A black girl is coming." Some would not see me until they are so close to me and therefore react by quickly moving away from me-like I bite or something. Others giggle. Others would ask the woman I am buying from "What is she buying, what is she buying?" I hear someone comment that "She is black..but she is kinda beautiful" Followed quickly by "Noooo she is too big!!" Jesus. Ok, I pay quickly and get away from there. Always the same old shit when I go to the markets.

I got back home in one piece, thank God. And I am watching the Michael Buble Christmas show on telly right now(I know,I know lol) , he is singing Christmas songs with other singers There is a cool breeze blowing through the windows, I am eating some guava and really just enjoying sitting here 'chilling out'. I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Day.

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