Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to the Kingdom of wonder!!!

Bangkok,Thailand was fun!!Really fun, and big and awesome.I fell in love with the place and I will definitely go back. I was amazed at how diverse the people in Bangkok are,like the last time I saw that many Arabs was definitely in Kenya. Arabs are really really cute I remember wanting to steal some super cute Arab babies...just kidding. The taxis were cheap compared to the taxis here in Phnom Penh..I remember being stuck in traffic for over an hour and still paying just a little over 5 dollars...and at night my friends and I would go a pretty good distance and still pay like just over 2 dollars.

I was amazed at how nobody was staring at some point I started feeling neglected actually...mmmmh that is disturbing!But I don't blame them,they have seen it all probably so a random black girl walking down the street...who cares!And I found it so weird that in Bangkok,they don't drive big SUVs...Cambodia is way poorer and more remote than we cant even compare..but the cars I see in Cambodia everyday are insane.Escalades,Hummers,Lexus....

So before I went to Bangkok, Thailand I thought the female vagina had only 2 functions(please excuse my language)...well 3 functions.1) For reproduction...includes the period..and giving birth. 2) Sexual intercourse. and lastly 3) We use it to Pee :)  .Now,now my eyes were opened to the many talents the Vagina can smoke cigarretes, play the flute, throw darts, grow flowers(ok am exaggerating a little here but was I supposed to think..there were flowers coming from down not even laugh!!!) oh and my can change water into wine!!(Well am not so sure it was water to begin with and the end product kinda looked like wine or should have asked though mmmmh,why didn't I think of asking..damn!!)Let's just say it was very educational.

Cool groin tattoo!!!!!!!(for those who hadn't figured that out)

So many places I wanted to visit in Bangkok, but I was almost always nursing a hangover during the day ..sooo,I don't have a choice..I gotta go back. But it was good to be back in Cambodia.I knew I was back home when at the border  I heard someone spit very loudly(Cambodians do that alot). And I welcomed the stares with open arms...and I couldn't wait to speak Khmer...It felt good to be home!


  1. maggie u r insane he he he, but sound like u had fun

  2. Ok, I almost did laugh out loud all by myself here! I love Khmer kids! I'm loving your blog. If you are ever in Kampot I hope you will come out for a drink with me. I think we would enjoy each other!

  3. @Judy,Fie...haha it was insane bt fun.
    @Freya,thanx so stuff huh.yeah if am ever in Kampot we will def do drinks,i like meeting new pple so yeah..:)