Monday, October 22, 2012

My typical Monday morning.

Hello lovelies, I hope you all had a good day.Something happened to me today. You all know I am a kindergarten teacher right?And this year I am teaching 2 year olds,God bless my soul, I love the little cuties though :). Anyway so today one of my new students put this box shaped toy we have in class over his head and the thing got stuck!!It got stuck around his forehead!!First, I laughed,lol poor kid,but 2 seconds later I was like talking to the kid to calm them down. Then I called my TAs and we sat the kid down and were trying to see how we can get the thing off.. when another student's parent walked in...haha(when kids are late,the parents bring them straight to class) I obviously did not want this parent to see the other kid with a huge box sticking out of his head, so I went up to the door and tried to distract this parent by talking really loud,picking up their kid and asking about their weekend, and moving to the other side coz from where I was standing,the whole drama head in a box thing was happening behind me so I was moving to the other side and hoping the parent will follow me ...LOL. And this parent was looking at me like...erm are you ok? Jeez Hectic I tell you.HECTIC!!! Well we took the thing off the poor child and the child wasn't hurt in anyway thank God.Mind you this happened like in the first 30 minutes we were in class. What a way to start my Monday!!!sheesh. Oh and in case you are wondering I immediately took that box thing toy to the storeroom like ASAP, Ive got kids with bigger seriously.

 Ill do my Day 4 tomorrow. I like this challenge mmmh. Makes me blog more often.
 Cheers people.

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