Wednesday, October 17, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: DAY 1- A recent pic of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself!!

Ok people the 30 day blog challenge begins NOW!And for my first day I am supposed to post a recent picture of me and post 15 interesting facts about myself. I have 15 facts for sure..but am not sure about the interesting bit.Oh well read on.

           15 interesting facts about myself

1 .       I love dancing (in general) and I can belly dance too. Yeah you heard me right...belly dance hehe :)

2.      I am the 2nd born of 5 children.

3.      I hate apples.

4.      I am absolutely scared of cockroaches!!I’d rather see a huge sewer rat than a cockroach.

5.      I hand wash all my laundry!I have used a washing machine only twice in my life-and I thought the whole thing was weird-how do clothes get clean by being tossed around?!

6.      English is not my first language (I actually could speak 2 languages before I learned how to  speak English).

7.      I can read, write and speak 3 languages - English, Swahili and Kikuyu

8.      Papaya is my favorite fruit.

9.      I am quite shy and quiet around strangers or people I do not know very well...and am quite crazy around people I know/ am comfortable with.

10.  I have gained a little over 50 lbs or 23kgs in the past 3 years that I have been in Cambodia (jaw drops. Shit I really need to do something about this!!! oi)

11.  When I am nervous/anxious or feel intimidated, for some weird reason I can’t speak proper English(grammar wise). This is especially bad and very awkward when I have to speak to some of my student’s parents...or my boss!

12.  Deep water scares me!!!I always imagine there’s weird stuff under there just waiting to pull me under. (its deep if i can’t stand in it..with my feet touching the bottom)

13.  I am quite erm...loud and a handful when am drunk :(If you have seen me drunk, you know what I mean.

14.  I am very very very cheap.I can and have survived with under $200 a month!

15.  I am as African as they come, especially when it comes to music...chances are I have not heard of or do not know any or all those artists/musicians and songs you (westerners) think are the greatest of all time.  We simply did not grow up listening to the same music. So don’t give me shit coz I can’t sing the bohemian rhapsody...unless of course you can sing AT LEAST one African song (that was sung in the 70s) word by word? No? you got nothing? really? nothing comes to mind? ok, ill make it easier, how about ANY African song, sung any year, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s 00s, You got nothing? Yeah, thought so...smh.

S So there you go 15 phew,now you know me a little bit better :)

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