Sunday, July 6, 2014

NIghts Out in Phnom Penh: Ladies night at CodeRED.

Hi lovelies, I went to my first ladies night at codeRED last Thursday and I loved it. They have really cool deals and specials for ladies night. First off, all cocktails are half price for ladies, slashed from $4.50 to $2.25...awesome ay? Then every group of five or more ladies gets a FREE bottle of vodka or whiskey! Say whaaaattttt?(You pay for the mixers though) Yes, that's a really good deal :D BUT since it's Thursday, it's a little tricky to convince your girls to go out clubbing..unless your friends are like my friends and love a good party :)

My ladies ready to #turnup


Initially there was only four of us LOL and but later other friends came and joined us. We had such a good time. The DJ was playing a mix of hip hop, RnB and dancehall which is just what I love dancing to. I do not know about other ladies nights but this particular one was called The Medusa Ladies Night and there was a show, two dances and one Bokator perfomance. Bokator is a form of Cambodian Martial arts. It was a good night dancing and laughing with my ladies.






All photos courtesy of Lion Media.

Sidenote: I am really loving the club CodeRED, so far( as a black person) I have ha nothing but good experience from them. I always see lots of black people there booking tables and ordering bottle service, having fn and enjoying themselves in peace. CodeRED is a breath of fresh air away from racist Pontoon. I hope this doesn't change.

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