Monday, July 14, 2014

ESSIE Fashion Show.

Hi lovelies, so last week Tuesday I went to a fashion show at CodeRED. I had fun. Cambodia's Fashion Scene is getting bigger and more diverse every year. When I first got here (a million years ago) there was barely a fashion scene, but now there's been more and more Fashion Shows/ Fashion related events such as the Designer's week, Cambodia Fashion Week and let's not forget the (now annual) Glamazon Fashion Event which is created by The dollhouse at NagaWorld. There's more and more designers who are doing a pretty good job, and who are taking every opportunity there is to show case their work and to open up their stores/boutiques, there's a few international brands setting up shop in Phnom Penh etc etc.

There was a red carpet at the entrance :)

Now, I am not a very stylish person (some people would say I have zero style seeing as am always in flat shoes/flip flops, tights and flowy tops) but sometimes Cambodia does that to you ...ok I wasn't stylish before moving to Cambodia even lol, BUT any chances of me ever being a stylish person died when I came  here, lol. This is because, first of all, I work with 2-4 year olds, I am covered in at least one of their body fluids, if not all! So I love to spend my days in comfortable easy to wash, cheap clothing that I buy at the Russian market, thank you very much. And the heat! My God, the heat in Cambodia makes sure that my face, back and everywhere else- especially my face- is constantly covered in sweat. Is it a disgusting sight? Yes, but can I do anything about it it? No. So very comfortable absorbent materials are very very necessary when choosing my clothes. And what about hoping on moto bikes all day long?? Nobody has time for fancy dresses and shit, tights and leggings all the way baby :) And what of all the flooding?? flip flops my loves, or flat shoes that always come in handy when I am dancing nights away on the dance floor as well. I do wear heels sometimes, but on rare occasions only :) Make up? Did I tell you about the sweaty mess that's my face? Yeah, lip balm always does the trick, or once in a while ill see my friend putting on make up and ask her to do me...but that's like 3-4 times a year :)

The models.

 So it goes without saying that I do not go all gogo gaga for fashion events and what not and so when my friends invited me to the Essie Fashion show, the first thing I thought was shit- what am I going to wear. No wait, that was the second. The first was- Great I am going to be surrounded by a bunch of people whose thighs were smaller than my arm! ( That was the case by the way LOL) But I decided to go anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked alot of the pieces. And the runway models were a mixture of Cambodians and a few expats which was a lovely surprise as I expected all the models to be stick thin- as is the usual in most fashion shows. Also at the end of the show all the pieces and others were on sale with a whooping 50-70% discount. Although most of these were beautiful, I doubt they had anything in my size. Cambodia is just isn't there yet.

The designer.

After the fashion show we all got to dancing and I actually had lots of fun. Did I mention I was sat on the front row? lol, I know this is not a big deal, but it felt good, dono why :)

Me and a friend.

Me and my friend- who was one of the models for the night.

All pictures courtesy of Jeremie Montessuis of Film Noir Studio.
Catch me tonight at Score Bar for Nerd Night :)

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