Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Breakfasts in Cambodia. #100daysfhealthybreakfasts

Hi lovelies, I am sure some of you have seen the hashtag #100happydays OR #100daysofhappiness going around facebook, pinterest and instagram (and am sure twitter too). The 100 happy days project started as a challenge I  guess and was made popular by people who took up the challenge. There was a little controversy/issues with some people who thought the challenge was to try and be 100% happy for the whole 100 days. I think that is absolutely impossible. I think the idea behind it is to find one thing everyday that made you happy. It could be small things like your morning coffee, lack of traffic etc to large things like taking a trip etc.

Anyway I did not do this challenge since one of my New Year's resolution in 2014 was to appreciate things in my life more and more and complain less. And anyway I noticed that some people took this 100 happy days thing as an excuse to basically brag and gloat all over social media lol.

So I came up with my own 100days challenge :) I was going to try and eat a healthy breakfast everyday for a 100 days :) How about that? I never cook or eat breakfast at home. I usually just grab something on my way to work. My favorite breakfast in Cambodia is the popular rice and pork the locals absolutely love. And it is delicious! It is basically white rice with some grilled pork, a little fried egg and pickled veggies on the side. Did I say how delicious it is? And for only a dollar or less. And I was hooked on it.

Pork rice :) Heaven!!

Other than pork rice, Cambodians eat fried noodles/rice noodle with fried egg for breakfast (among many other things) as well and I love me some fried noodles and so I ate this sometimes. And other times I just grabbed a frappe at one of the coffee shops, Brown coffee shop being my favorite, and a pastry to go with it. So all in all I was starting my day in such an unhealthy way, and I thought it might be a good idea if I made an effort to eat something healthy for breakfast.

Caramel frappe from brown-my favorite.

Fried rice noodles with veggies and fried egg.

That's how my new challenge and hash tag came about #100daysofhealthybreakfasts :) And I am so happy I decided to challenge myself in this way. I have been having lots of fun doing this. I must admit that there has been a few days here and there where I haven't eaten a healthy breakfast (I caved and had a pork rice haha)  but I do not beat myself up for it.

I have been making smoothies , coz I realised I absolutely love fruit smoothies. I usually use a fruit, a little yogurt and some ice cubes. Sometimes I use more ingredients for different fruits and sometimes I even make veggie smoothies or green smoothies. Other mornings I'll have whole bran flaskes, other mornings ill have oatmeal.

Green smoothie.

Mango smoothie :)

Most mornings I have a large coconut/coconut water or two. In PP there is people selling coconuts that are walking around and shouting "Coconut!!"in Khmer, which is "Doung!!" So when the coconut guy is walking past my house I usually buy a coconut. I always ask him to give me only the coconut water in a separate plastic bag, then cut the coconut in half for me, then ill take the inside of the coconut and snack on it or store it and use it for my fruit smoothies.

Coconut guy outside my house

I am glad I decided to take up this challenge :) Who knows, I might even eat healthy lunches and dinners in future :)

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