Friday, November 19, 2010


Hey y'all,I have no idea what I want to write and i have already used the title Random clearly am out of another cool title!!Oh i have nothing in particular to talk about but yeah i just thought to check in lol.I have been enjoying myself at work really..which is kinda a weird feeling because in my other place of work i was just used to stress,deadlines and policies that did not make sense,designed specifically to make sure you had the worst time ever at work!!Wow am so liking my new job,relaxed and very very nice.My only problem at the moment is this annoying co worker i have..arrrgh!!its like someone please shoot him!!(Well that's a little strong..but seriously..)anyway ill figure out how to deal with him but in the meantime my mission is ignore him until further notice!!

Ok so in Cambodia there is this very big and important festival called Water Festival...ooh its soo good because we get like 3days off work and that is just excellent!!!They have like boat races at the river and people from allover Cambodia come to Phnom Penh(the capital city of Cambodia)to watch the races..oh and the river flows in the opposite direction during this thats an interesting thing too and there is basically a huge huge crowd of people by the riverside and at this time traffic is'd rather walk than take any other means of transport seriously!!And all the foreigners are warned that there are pickpockets everywhere so if you go to the riverside don't carry any handbags or wear expensive jewellery...bla bla bla.Well i hate the large crowds and every year during Water Festival i just go out of town,but this year i want to experience all that craziness!!!My friends and i will go down to the riverside and just go with the what everyone is,drink,dance and cheer very very loudly for all the boats!!lol

Ill tell you guys how it was..Cheers

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