Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gecko situation....

 Hey everyone.Its been a long long time since my last post..i just kinda got too lazy to write..plus av been busy with work and stuff. So i have been feeling kind of down lately and yesterday i was rally sad for most part of the day.So there is this colleague of mine who will be travelling soon and so we decided to get together and just hang out for the last time probably.We all go to this place in Cambodia called Lakeside(well there is a lake so..)and its a really cool place and all the backpackers stay there because they have some cheap guesthouses (and weed).We are sitting around talking and just having fun,there was like 11 of us, and we realise that we all actually come from different places(i like it when that happens..am always representing Africa!!!)and it was so cool,really diverse..Kenyan,Brazilian,Australians,Irish,Americans,Dutch..it was really interesting.So this guy called Josh was probably the most interesting...you will know why in a minute.

 One thing you should know is that Cambodia has an insane amount of geckos!!yeah i said geckos...they are everywhere...but i guess its good because they eat bugs. Anyway so we notice there is like a group of geckos on the low ceiling close to the light..and we start making weird jokes about the geckos.Then Josh(remember him)comes up with an idea..he goes like 'What would happen if one puts one of these geckos in the mouth...'i go like the hell???why would someone wanna do that right?So we talk about it..laugh about it and he goes like "Ill give $3 to anyone who actually puts one of these geckos in their mouth" and i thought to myself..yeah like someone will actually do that!!!before i could even finish my thought..this guy just stands up and goes like 'ill do it'..am thinking  hell no.So he jumps up and tries to grab a gecko and the poor little geckos are scared like hell running for dear life and one of the geckos fell on Josh's head (lol i know) and the other dude quickly grabs it and shoves it in his mouth!!!so he had the gecko's head between his teeth and the other part of the body dangling outside......OMG it was hilarious..(and kinda creepy) then he just spits it out and gets his $3 goes to the bar gets two beers and comes back and he sat down as if nothing happened.WE made fun of him the rest of the evening!!

 At the end of the evening I didn't feel sad anymore....

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