Monday, November 22, 2010

An awesome weekend that ended badly.........:-(

 Hey everyone,well i promised I was going to update you after experiencing the crazy Water Festival!!Well i have good news and bad news...

The good news is......

This weekend has been magical!!like seriously i have had enough fun to last me a decade..My friends and i went down to the riverside to check out the huge crowds and to watch the boat races and oh yeah how can i forget the was amazing!!One of our friends has an amazing apartment at the riverfront and we all just hang out watching the events unfold from the balcony,it was really cool,especially when one of my Angolan friend and i just started waving at random Cambodians passing by...hahahaha that was goood.Most of them came from the villages and had never ever seen black we gave them a story to take back home "We saw black people!!!and them black people are crazy...they were smiling and waving at us." "Did the black people have fingers like us??" "ummm am not so know they were waving really hard and they are i didn't get to see the fingers..."  "Do you think they have fingers though?" "Well..i dont know...they were too black for me to see!!!!" hahahah thats probably how the conversation went down later in the village hahah. Anyway..the crowd was seriously there were so many people...but i had such a good time and am glad i did not go out of town this time around.

 The bad news......

 Well,yesterday ie Monday...i did not go to the riverside,because i was there Saturday and i was tired. I just hang out with a friend and later on i went home. So like midnight my mum calls me and she goes like "Where are you,are you at the riverside...please tell me you are ok..." and i go like "Slow down am at home am ok,why are you asking?" She then says that something has happened at the riverside and she is not yet sure what but something bad has happened.I was so sleepy i just told her am fine and went back to bed.In the morning i got up and got ready for work as usual and when i got there its like there is no work am happy(obviously) but then i ask why and thats when i found out something really bad happened at the riverside last night.There was a stampede at one of the bridges..and over 350 people were dead.Ohh i felt soo bad.The water Festival was supposed to be a time for celebrating not mourning..ooh it was bad.Everyone is in a somber mood and my heart goes out to the families of the victims.I called my friends to confirm that they are all fine and thank God they are.Its all over the news,on CNN even.Thursday has been declared a day of mourning and am just sad that my magical weekend ended on a sad note.

 I have a bad feeling not many people will show up for the Water Festival next year.Anyway that doesn't matter at the moment.I just hope and pray for peace and comfort to all the families thsat have been affected by this horrible tragedy!!


  1. ahhla ka blog sio! not bad.

    a tragedy kwa neighborhood. was watching amazing race at the time, sad others were pleading for dear life. Dear life!! and what caused it? panic! ati the bridge is going down. i'm surprised how solid the bridge is. :( distressing

  2. Thank God u ok gal...peace b with u all.
    ...ati hw many fingers did thy!!!

  3. @Joel...not bad huh lol.i was at home too just relaxing its hard to understand when things like this happen.Another rumour is that some police people shot a few rounds into the water to try and make the crowd move along...and everyone jut started running...too bad. fingers bana hahaha we thank God we r fine!