Saturday, February 21, 2015

Goodmorning Phnom Penh- IMPREINT

Hello lovelies, I had the opportunity to participate in an amazing project called PORTRAITS. The artist behind this project (IMPREINT) painted 1000 balloons a few years ago and while he was doing this, he realised that all the balloons were different, imperfect but all beautiful and just like those balloons, all human beings are different, we are all imperfect, but we are ALL BEAUTIFUL. That's when he decided to do portraits, and invite people from all over the world to get together and participate in it. Thereby making a simple everyday object like a balloon unify us all. Check out his website and facebook page. I am so happy my little blog was featured on his facebook page. Of course together with other amazing blogs.

I absolutely love this project because the concept that we all beautiful regardless of how different we look, regardless of how imperfect we are, really resonates with me. For me the bottom line is we are all human, we are all equal regardless of the fact that there are so many factors that try to segregate us such as race, religion, language, classism, education, poverty, sexual orientation etc. I do believe that we should and can rise above all these and other factors and see each other as equals.

I am so glad that a few of my friends were on board with this concept and were available to meet up and make this happen even though I told them very last minute. I am so glad that my friend Marie- Aude took her time to take these amazing photos.

I chose the Independence monument as the background for this photos as it is a very significant structure in Cambodia.

Here are some links to read up more about this project and the artist behind it:

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