Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Challenges facing black Africans in Cambodia and SouthEast Asia.

Hey lovelies, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and happy new year wherever you were. I had an amazing time in Bali Indonesia where I spent Christmas and New Years, and I can't wait to tell you all about that (after I tell you all about my long weekend in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, God am so behinddddd) and I promise it will be soon.

Today I would like to make a short little announcement. I was asked to give a presentation about the challenges facing black Africans here in Cambodia and in Southeast Asia in general, and of course I said yes. See the thing is, being a black in Cambodia is not easy, but being a black African?? maan that shit is hard. The odds are NEVER in your favour, you'll get treated like trash, it is a nightmare to do the simplest of things such as extend your visa, travel etc. Which is really sad as I believe we are all equal. No human being should be treated better or worse than another based ont he color of their skin, or religion, or sexual orientation or none of that. And the other thing is, white expats here in Cambodia have NO CLUE. Absolutely no idea just how good they have it- compared to us of course. Talk about white privilege. When I talk to my western/white friends about these things, their response is usually total disbelief, because they have never gone through any one of the horrible experiences I talk about, yet it is the reality for us black Africans here. And that was one of the main reasons I agreed to do this presentation, to spread awareness.

The wonderful people behind Twelve Tables invited me to talk about these issues. Their vision is to promote respectful dialogue between different cultures and exposing ancient prejudices and ignorant ideals which hinder us from progressing into a sustainable peaceful world. I think they are doing an awesome job.

Click this link to watch a trailer of my presentation TRAILER on their facebook page. The event will be on Friday 6th of February at 6.30pm. The address is st 460 #43 (a few meters from the st 135 cross street) in Russian market/toul tompong area. You can find the map HERE.

I am very excited you guys. I think it will be a lovely very chill out evening :)

UPDATE: The presentation went better than we expected. I was a little nervous of course and could have answered some of the questions I was asked better, but overall it was a successful night. Lots of people showed up and I was excited to talk to some people who were in the audience afterwards. I am glad I played a part in spreading awareness about this horrible issue :)

One of the founders of Atlanta's Edge and I during the Q&A session

Waiting to answer a question from one of the audience members

The Audience

The Audience

Aww and I got flowers

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