Saturday, October 4, 2014

Greenhouse Kampot Weekend Getaway.

I had an amazing weekend in Kampot last weekend. My very very good friend and her partner will be leaving Cambodia and they organised for their friends to get together and enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend away from the city. Kampot is about 4 hours away from Phnom Penh by the long public buses. If you take a private van or taxi, it could take you as little as two and a half to three hours to get there.

I have been to Kampot many times before but this was the first time I was staying at the The Greenhouse guesthouse. The guesthouse is situated right by the river and my God the view was AMAZING. I swear as I sat on the patio for breakfast, I was blown away by the view that was right in front of me. The river with the hills in the background- it was perfect.

Waiting to order breakfast

I had the best view ever!!! Damnnn

View from the Patio. Isn't this beautiful??

Breakfast with a view!!

Wine at 11 oclock int he morning? Why not :)


My friend and I stayed in the Deluxe Bungalow which had two double beds and a private bathroom for the amazing price of $19. It had a ceiling fan, mosquito net and seriously the freshest smelling bedspreads ever!! We also had a little balcony :) The grounds where the bungalows are spread out are filled with beautiful green plants and flowers as well. The only con about this room is that the only thing separating the beds and bathroom is a very flimsy bamboo/grass wall, which basically meant that using the toilet was not a very private affair. I could see this being sort of awkward if two people who are not really close were sharing this room.

Reminds me of someAfrican traditional huts ;)

The restaurant served up western and khmer dishes and all the food I had there was delicious and cheap and not expensive. Veggie Fried rice was $2.50 and it was a massive portion.

The Greenhouse guesthouse is a little far from the bus station area in Kampot, One way tuk tuk trip to and from the town should be about $5-$7 (I know, kind of expensive, but well worth it).

My friends and I had a wonderful stay here. We spent our days lazing around on the patio drinking wine, ocassionally taking a dip into the river for a cool down, talking, dancing and of course I cannot leave Kampot without having dinner at rusty keyhole- they serve the best ribs in Cambodia and the best BLT sandwich in the world at Epic Arts Cafe :) :)  It was a perfect weekend.

Seriously best BLT everrrrrr!!!

Ribs from Rusty Keyhole

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