Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another weekend in Singapore.

Kampot was a lovely getaway from Phnom Penh, but I realised that I needed a short getaway from Cambodia. And what better place to go than Singapore?? I love the country plus my lovely friend lives there. So last weekend I took a few days off work and went to Singapore for a long weekend. And this trip was definitely extremely significant to me due to personal reasons :) Singapore is amazing you guys, if you get a chance you should definitely go, but be prepared, it is soooooo expensive and way tooo modern and fancy grrr :)

Singapore, land of the skyscrapers!!

I had no plans of doing touristy stuff, as I did all of that last time I was there, so this time I just kinda hang out, chill and see what Singaporeans and the expats do on weekends. I had fancy afternoon tea at the Fairmont hotel, surrounded by a mixture of expats and giddy Singaporeans all too eager to take photos of the beautiful cakes, scones and sandwiches :)

Afternoon tea at the Fairmont. 

Pool time :)

I also went window shopping at the Marina Bay and it was beautiful. All the designer brands you can think of, big or small. They were all there. The prices were ridiculous of course, even for the smaller brands like Steve Madden, like seriously 200 dollars for a pair of heels I can get online for 99 dollars is not cool Singapore!!!

At Marina Bay, there was a "canal" with boats one could hire for a ride and pretend to be in Italy. There was also really cute and extremely fancy cafes and I had some cake and the most delicious tea infused cocktail ever. We also got some macaroons that turned out to be sooo delish :)


Macarons! Yum.

On sunday night my friend got a group of her friends together and we all went to this monthly music event called Training Shed. It happens at a park, entrance is free but you cannot bring food and drinks fromm outside. And there's Djs and live performances.

I could never get used to paying $10 for a beer!!! Grrrr

Training shed.

Training Shed

It was a great weekend :)

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