Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Things you can do in PP with a $5 dollar budget.

My lovely readers, I hope you're all doing very well. I have just started my summer vacation, so I am enjoying doing lots of nothing at the moment. I see myself going to lounge by the beach soon :) Anyway I wanted to write a short post I have been thinking about. Ok so there was a time I was jobless for a good few months, and I had to stretch a dollar as far as it could go in order to survive haha. And during this time I learned a lot. I learned just how little one can spend out in PP, if need be. I usually had a budget of $5. Yes I said $5. And I managed to do a few things with only $5. Did I wish I had more to spend? Yes, but you know what it wasn't so bad. I usually use these tricks even now when I am trying to save up for something, or if I go on holiday and spend way more than I should have lol- it happens right?

Now before I say what these activities are, the $5 does include transport...but only $1 each way (from your house and back) and this works for me, coz I use motodops mostly and the activities are close to my house in a way the moto guys will take $1. If not I usually walk a little and be patient and usually get a ride for $1. My Khmer helps too ;) Now sometimes I do not spend the whole $5, and whatever leftover is saved for the next time I might need a little extra dollar or two or half. So the following activities will range from $3- $6.50 goes:

1. Go watch a movie at Legend Cinemas. A ticket for 3D movies costs $5-6- way too expensive for me. So what I do is wait a couple of weeks when they have "√Čarly bird and late night owl" offers where tickets are half price (or couple of dollars off). So transport from home and back, $2 movie ticket-$3 for 3D or $2 for 2D. No pocorn/soda. Total: $4 or $5

At Legend Cinemas, sometime last year :)

2. Go watch movies for a whole afternoon (or evening) at The Flicks. The flicks is a community movie house that screens a variety of films. A few(but rarely) block busters and a lot of films that have made it in various film festivals. It has a comfy viewing room with pillows you can lie on as you watch the movies, but the best thing is the price. For only $3.50 you get a whole day's pass to watch all the movies they are screening that day :) which is usually three movies on a weekday and five movies on the weekend :) Total $5.50

3. Go have lunch at Chinese Noodle Restaurant on Monivong. This is one cheap restaurant in Phnom Penh where you you will find everybody! Locals, NGO workers, Teachers, Journalists, Chinese businessmen...everybody, because it is that good :) The food here is simply delicious, and cheap. I usually get a huge plate of fried noodles with beef for $2 and sometimes fried dumplings that I usually share with whoever am having lunch with- coz they're too many. Total $4

If you have not been to Chinese Noodle....get there NOW!! This is delicious!

4. Go have some Cambodian street food lunch inside the Russian/Toul Tompong Market. This is really popular with expats actually, especially on the weekend. I looooove the food in here, it is delicious and cheap :) I live close by so I pay $1 both ways. And a plate of fresh noodles with spring rolls is $1.25. Sometimes I throw in delicious strawberry or avocado smoothie for $1.75 and then I have to walk around coz then am too stuffed! Total $2.25- $4

Fresh noodles and strawberry smoothies inside Russian Market.

 5. Go have ice cream at Swensen's with your friends at the mall. The nearest mall to my house is Sovana Mall, transport is $1 both ways, then a scoop of ice cream is $0.75. Total $1.75 OR one of my favorites: Go have frozen yogurt at Snow yogurt at the mall as well , $1 for transport and a small cup with some toppings is around $3. Total $4

Yay frozen yogurt :)

 6. Go swimming, use the sauna jacuzzi and steam room, do an aerobics class and use the gym at PP sports club. A day's pass at this sports club is $5 and with that you can use ALL the facilities for the day. I absolutely love this! I usually go pretty early if I want to spend a day here, say 11 noon. I'll swim, relax in both the hot and freezing cold jacuzzi, use the sauna and steam room, then at 5 pm ill join in the aerobics class which is lots of fun coz it's 30 minutes aerobics and 30 minutes Khmer dance. PP Sports club is 15 minutes walk away from my house, and sometimes I walk there or sometimes I get a moto for $0.30 one way. BUT this place is popular with the locals, so the stares I get here are insane :) Total $5- $6

 7. Go swimming with friends at a hotel. If I want to just chill by the pool with a book and avoid a million and one stares, I opt to go to the many many hotels here in PP that let you use the pool if you buy something at their restaurant. Total $5- $6

Fat thighs at the pool :)

Beer and books go well together..I think...

 8. Go for happy hour cocktails at Touk bar on Riverside, corner of st 178 and Sisowath Quay opposite FCC. Touk bar is one of my go to bars for delicious cheap cocktails here in PP. Everyday from 5.30- 7.30 pm, their cocktails are half price :) at $2. The location is a bit far from my house, so I usually pay about $1.25 there and back. Plus two cocktails..Total $6.50

Yummy $2 cocktails at TOUK.

 9. Go have some happy hour beers with friends. Say at liquid, transport $2 and three beers for $0.75 each. Total $4.25

$0.75 beer. sigh

10. Go get a mani pedi at the ground floor saloon near Lucky Supermarket at Sovana Mall. They do a good job, and its $5 for a mani pedi :) Total $6.

There you go guys, welcome to my life of cheap cheap cheap :D

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