Sunday, June 15, 2014

A lovely Market Day in Phnom Penh

Hi lovelies, this morning I woke up early and in such a good mood (I love it when that happens). Since I've been on holiday, I've still been waking up early as usual but lately my body is starting to realize that we actually don't need to be So I have enjoyed a few late mornings, well except today. So anyway, after the usual going through my phone with one eye open (y'all do that too!!!) I got up, put on some music and danced my heart out for nearly 30 minutes! Don't ask me why I did that lol, I love dancing and sometimes I can't control the urge. Anyway after a quick shower I went out to Russian/Toul Tom Pong market for my weekly grocery shopping. I loooooove going to the market in the morning (this was around 7.30am) coz then the produce is fresh, the smell is fresh (except the meat section) no actually even the meat section smells better in the morning than in the afternoon :D. I have had some bad experiences at the markets here...remember when that woman called me evil coz I was black? but I have also had some awesome experiences there too. Like today, I was in such a good mood, I was talking to all the women in the market who talked to me, I was engaging in very positive conversation, I even entertained all the questions that I normally ignore such as "Are you black because Africa is soooooo hot? Hotter than everywhere else?" No maam, actually where I come from-Nairobi, Kenya, the weather is actually cooler than Cambodia!! -They never believe me anyway LOL.

Ah these market women :) Today I wanted to buy some sweet potatoes, but I do not know how to say sweet potato in Khmer :( I know how to say potato, as in Irish potato, but I do not know how to say sweet potato. So I was trying to tell my lovely market women friends what I wanted and they couldn't figure it out lol, they showed me the taro, but naa that wasn't it, and it is funny coz then all the women near where I was standing worked together- by asking the next stall and the next each showing me what they thought I was looking for, UNTIL I finally saw some sweet potatoes, squealed in utter joy and said that was exactly what I wanted!!They all were happy for me. I was so happy haha. I said goodbye and off I went. All the tuk tuk and moto bike guys who said to me "Tuk tuk lady?" and "moto lady?" were met with a warm smile and a polite no from me and even a little chit chat( huh who knew) as opposed to my usual response which is, shake my head and not even look at them. This may sound rude to anyone who hasn't been to PP, but trust me, after being asked a million and one times, by one after the other after the other, shaking your head is a pretty good response.

All around the Russian Market there's the ladies or men in bicycles who sell really ripe and sweet pineapple. I picked up two for a dollar, score! And my shopping was done. I gladly hopped on a moto, went home, made fruit shake for breakfast and started on my meal prep for the week. Such a good way to start the day :D

Ill be at Nerd Night tonight, so if you see me, come and say hi :D

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