Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nights out in Phnom Penh: Liquid, Stonegrill and Chez Rina.

Phnom Penh has an amazing night life. Amazing because there is something for everyone. If you are a high roller and wants to drink high end cocktails, eat super expensive food, dance the night away with other high rollers...there is something for you. If you are a mid range kind of person who doesn't want to spend too much on a meal and drinks, but also doesn't want to go somewhere full of backpackers, there is something for you. If you are a cheap kind of person that wants to spend as little as possible on food and drink and doesn't mind that you are not rubbing shoulders with diplomats etc, don't mind doing balloons with a few backpackers, there is something for you. Now now I am very cheap, I try to spend as little as possible when I go out (when I was jobless for like 8 months, I learned how to be cheap lol)  I do indulge once in a while, usually in expensive bars but not expensive/high end restaurants, but as a teacher, my salary does not allow me to consistently eat and drink in expensive places, which is fine by me coz to be honest it really doesn't matter to me as I do not have a  particular interest in fine dining.

Anyway a typical night out for me always starts out at a bar(or restaurant) where ill meet my friends and we can sort of have a drink or two, catch up and then decide where we will go next. My friends and I go to bar is Liquid on st 278 next to Equinox. It is not the greatest bar in PP, it does not have the best drinks in PP, I have had a few near death experiences involving cockroaches in there, but for some weird reason, this is our go to bar, Liquid to us, is what McLarens pub is for Barney, Robin, Ted etc. We just meet there often, for mid week drinks, for a quick one hour drink, or mostly for our start of the night.


So on this particular night ( a few weeks ago) my friend and I met at Liquid for a cocktail,on a Monday, then we decided to go to Stonegrill for dinner, we were going to meet our other friend there. Stonegrill is on riverside opposite brown cafe. It is a little on the high end side, so this was a rare rare rare thing for me to do :) I have been to Stonegrill once before for my birthday last year. They serve up a huge monster cocktail for $20 (again rare occasion, am all for $2 cocktails normally) plus they have a good buy one get one free deal for happy hour.

Monster cocktail at stonegrill(last year)

Monster cocktail fit for the birthday girl :)

The place looks really nice, with views of the river. On this occasion we decided to try their steaks that come on a hot stone and you kinda cook it yourself. It was fun. We each got a steak, a bottle of wine to share and 2 side dishes and the bill came up to about $130 (yikes) But the food was delicious.

After dinner we were in for another cocktail and we decided to check out the new ish Chez Rina as it was just across the road from Stonegrill. It was my second time at Chez Rina and I absolutely love it. It is a cocktail lounge on a restored French colonial building. Their drinks list is not long but the few drinks they offer there are made almost perfectly. Cocktails are $5 each and there is no happy hour deals :(

Since it was a Monday, we called it a night after two cocktails, very boring I know, haha but I will write more about my typical nights out in the future :)

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