Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Island Getaway: Koh Rong

Hi beautiful people, remember how I said Ill do a few catch up posts? Well this is one of them. I went to Koh Rong last year in April, it was my second island to visit here in Cambodia, and it is then I fell in love with Islands. The crystal clear water, the white sand, the lack of huge crowds of people...the list goes on.

Now I have heard that a lot has changed in Koh Rong and that it is not the somewhat quiet, clean, island that it was a year ago, so I will refrain from saying much about my stay there as it might be inaccurate information. We got to Koh Rong via the slow boat coz there was no speed boat then and it took us about 3-4 hours. Now you can get a speed boat for 45 minutes( although I have heard crazy stories that now they are carrying so many people on the speed boat- uto 70?- that some people have expressed safety concerns. This is so sad)  Anyway my friends and I stayed at Treehouse Bungalows and it was amazing. Well the rooms were small and basic, but they were right on the beach and they were up on a tree!! LOL and that made it amazing. We had lights in the rooms from 6pm- 10 pm. The nights in the room were not hot due to the cool sea breeze but the days/afternoons on the beach were brutally hot!! Also beware, some parts of the beach are full of sand flies, like a lot of sand flies. So come prepared with whatever it is that keeps this little suckers away, coz the bites itch like hell!!

We ate at our hotel- they had a nice restaurant with huge pillows, electricity and wifi. And on nights when we wanted to try something different, we went to Paradise Bungalows. We really did not feel like partying while we were there, so we did not check out the very many bars which were very popular with backpackers and other travellers from all over.

The restaurant/lounge area at Treehouse Bungalows.

Restaurant at Paradise Bungalows.

To be honest we did not do much on the island. Our aim was to relax and thats exactly what we did. We lounged on the beach the whole time :)We took a small trek through the island though, and came out at this rocky part that was just oh so beautiful.

If you like a party atmosphere, then Koh Rong is the place for you :)

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