Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nerdy Nerdy Nerd Night Phnom Penh on Mon 5/12/11

 Hi everyone,I hope all of you are doing well.Aren't you glad how cool pp is at the moment?It's definitely a bit chilly sometimes in the the morning ay?Where is the hot water when you need it right?And last night it rained a little..Anyway,I dont think talking about the weather is a fun way to start this enough already.

Most expats living in Phnom Penh knows about Nerd night right?Ok those who dont know..Nerd Night is..erm,ok it's like a presentation but really cool and fun.The idea is to have people give a presentation of something they are passionate about,something they love and are nerdy about.There is no particular theme and this is so cool as it makes the topics presented on vary..making it really interesting.The presentations should be short as the rule is 20 slides 20 seconds each...although sometimes this is not always so practical.After a presentation,the crowd gets to ask qs.It is really interesting to learn about other people's interests.

Two black girls with their beautiful natural hair!!
So anyway I managed to go on Monday this was held at Le Jardin..on st 360 and it was really nice.This week there were 4 presentations on: Permaculture,Cuban dance,Cambodian environment and African Hair.I really enjoyed all the presentations especially the one on cuban dance,but the most interesting by far was the one about African Hair!!(obviously) and this was presented by my dear friend from Angola called Elda..and it was really interesting.African hair is def something people who are not African are curious about.My students get really fascinated each time i have some 'weird' hairstyle on.I had cornrows (is that the correct spelling?) the other day at work and my students got really excited about them..they kept telling me i look like Jaden Smith from Karate they kept asking how i had them done and you know me..I saw this as an opportunity for a tiny little white lie...haha and so i told them that I just went to bed the previous night with my hair all normal, but when i got up in the hair was like this (dramatically pointing my head)....explanation?the African spirits must have done it whilst i was asleep.hehehe.This wouldn't be the first time ive lied to my students about my hair..Go here for a more interesting read African hair????What the******

You could tell that the crowd was shocked to learn a few how long it takes to get our hair done, also like all the black celebrities out there...thats not their real hair,you know..most white people dont even know use weaves,wigs,hair extensions,chemicals.And we all do...having African hair is such a pain in the ass,it takes hours just to have a simple do,washing your hair daily is = to suicide!!yeah i mean that..our hair isn't good with water....sigh,id trade my hair for Asian or western hair.

This is how a weave is fixed onto one's hair/head.

Getting braids done.This takes 5-15 hours to do!!!!depending on  how small you  want the braids!!
This is NOT her hair.This is a weave!!!

This is a weave.

mmmmh this looks like a wig.
Anyway,yeah so after all the presentations my friends and I were like,if you had to do a presentation,what would it be about?And that got me thinking...and people,Ï have something id like to talk about..something fairly controversial hence pretty interesting!!Ill tell you all about it!!

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