Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Phnom Penh,Cambodia...

Merry Merry Merry Christmas to all my readers.Wherever you are I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.I thought id write a short post about what i did on christmas day here in Cambodia.I can say i had a wonderful time,although nothing compared to what id have done back home...sob sob.I really miss my family and friends in Kenya.

 Ok so Christmas this year was on a Sunday!!How cool is that?I woke up early(9 am) got ready to go to church.I attend a church called ICA..International Christian Assembly.service starts at 10.30 am.It is a really cool church,the members are mostly Western expats with a few Cambodians,and a few Africans really.There are several African churches here,but I like my church.I contemplated going to an African church for Christmas service,I knew I was going to get a taste of know how we do.We sing and dance until we are all's usually alot of fun,but i kinda wanted a more quiet kind of service.I wanted to sing carols...Silent night and all that.

The service was really good.The church was beautifully decorated.Christmas tree,candles and all.We sang many many awesome carols and the guy leading us in songs said that since there are many nationalities represented in the church,we should have people from different countries say merry Christmas in their language..that was nice.So Merry Christmas was said in Mandarin,Cantonese,Namibian,Myanmar,Swahili...and many more.We had holy communion as well,and I really enjoyed the service.

After service,my friends and I went hunting for a place we can eat a biiiiiig Christmas lunch!!lol.We ended up at the Indian place on riverside called ChiCha.Ok those of you who have never been here..the food is quite good and cheap too.For $4 one gets a bowl of chicken/beef/fish,bowl of lentils,bowl of fried veggies,3-4 chapatis and a big bowl of rice which gets refilled!!I always get a mango lassi as well for $1.We also got samosas.Dear Lord,we ate and ate,and ate and ate until we couldn't eat anymore.We had lots of beef,chicken and lentils left in the bowls..and a huge bowl of rice and about 4 chapatis each..we just couldn't finish.I asked the waitress to divide all these food into 4 parts and pack it for us to take away.I thought,all that food would go to waste yet some people would appreciate it.We had to sit there and rest for a while..we were just too full.We then decided to take a walk along the riverside.It was a really good day to walk around..there was a breeze and it wasn't too hot.

 As we were walking along riverside,some street children came to us and were begging for money.Instead of money,we gave them 2 of the 4 packs of rice lentils and beef we had.To make sure they didn't fight over the food,we opened the packs for them and stayed with them for a while as they hungrily ate.I felt really sad for the kids.Anyway we continued walking and a woman carrying a very weak child came to us with an outstretched arm for money,we gave here the remaining food.She was really thankful.Again i felt so sad and guilty.

After walking some more we decided to go home.I went home..I was uncomfortably full..bloody hell!!After resting for about 2 hours,I took another shower and got ready to go to an African party.There were many African parties I was invited to..but i was too full to try and party i just went to one.It was nice just sitting there with my fellow African brothers and sisters..there was lots of food..I stayed very far away from food!!And lots of beer and different drinks..and everyone was happy.I like the way Africans are laughed soo hard at that

I was too full to drink much...imagine!!And I went back home at 11pm...earlier than I should have....but I can say i had a good time.It was a good day!!!

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