Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kraziest moto bike ride in Phnom Penh, Cambodia??

 Hi people,so much has happened since my last post.I think I have lost my writing mojo lately...sigh..Today is Thursday...and Thursdays and Fridays are my favorite days of the week,because I only work for 2 hours on both days.So I have lots of free time.(Wait,why am I telling you this??)Ok for those who don't know,the easiest way to move around in Phnom Penh is by taking a moto taxi.There are other means of transport obviously,tuktuks,cyclos,taxis..whatever. I almost always take a moto coz they are faster.Am sure all of us living in PP has had one or two not so good moto bike rides.I have many stories about this..I mean I have taken motobikes and the person did not have a clue where we are going,and the worst thing is they rarely admit it.So you end up going in circles and circles and circles.I have taken a moto bike guy who was just a thief!He sped off before he could give me back my change.I was kinda lucky actually because I know one or two people who took out their wallets to get money to pay the motobike guys...and they had their wallets snatched from them and the guys speed off.There is nothing really one can do in this situation no? I have taken those that you would agree a price with them and on reaching your destination..they decide to add an extra dollar..I have had one that was drunk..and I couldn't tell until we almost had an accident 3 or 4 times,and when I told him to stop he kept laughing and saying we haven't reached yet so I shouldn't worry.I almost cried that day!!Anyway of all my crazy moto bike rides,one definitely stands out.This is what happened.

So I tutor 3 kids in the evenings.2 girls in Grade5 and 1 boy in Grade 3.These kids make my day most of the time.I have so much fun with them.The girls are at the stage where they are crazy about Justin Bieber and curious about everything else.So i get asked alot of very uncomfortable questions.So that evening we are busy doing ...whatever and one of the girls goes like.."Tr.?what is horny??"So I tell her that that is a bad word and she shouldn't say it,I ask her to do her work.So she insists,and results to saying,"Horny,horny,horny,horny,....." until I tell her what it is,,lol. So I ask her if she knows what a horn is.She says yes..So I tell her.."I don't know about Cambodia,but in Africa there are some cows that have more than 2 know like some have 3, 4 or even 5 horns.We call these cows horny.So there you go, please can you drop it and do your work?" She insists that she has never seen cows with more than 2 horns,and I insist that's coz she has never seen African cows!I ask her where she heard this word anyway,and she says that on Justin Biebers page...someone left a comment that JB made her horny!!Anyway we argued about this and other things  for a while and I stayed way longer than normally do.It was raining abit and it was late and I always have a hard time getting motos here coz of the location so I decided to call my neighbour to come pick me up.He took forever to come coz he got lost...and I couldn't get through to him...jus drama.I had gave up on him after waiting for more than an hour.I was outside at this point and by chance I saw one bike.So i decided to take it.As we were arguing about the price,I saw my neighbour approaching.So I told this motobike driver,oh thank you but sorry ill go with him.So I get on my neighbours bike.This motobike guy said something to my neighbour,I dint hear what he said but my neighbour told me that the motobike guy wants to fight with him...and am like what??why?when??So anyway we drove off.This is where all the drama begins....

 As we take a turn,I notice 2 bikes behind us,I turn and  that motobike guy is on one!!!He shouts at my neighbour that he stole his customer!!At this point I think all this is just a coincidence we are all probably going in the same direction!!Oh no it wasnt't.These guys were together and they start chasing us!At this point we are on st 271.I can't believe what is happening.My neighbour is driving at a ridiculous speed,my heart is pounding!!These 2 guys are following us at the same ridiculous speed.The motobike guy was behind and the other guy he came with was at the front coming really close to our bike...obviously trying to block us and slow us down.Am shouting at my neighbour to stop so that we can talk to the crazy motobike guy and let him understand that my neighbour is not a motobike guy who stole his customer!!My neighbour says he is too afraid to stop because what if they have like a knife or something and they attack him before they understand and actually believe that he is not a motodop and infact he knows me??At this point my heart is beating so fast,and am sure we will have a fatal accident coz I swear the speed we were all going at..and not forgetting we were not the only ones on the road...dodging other motobikes,running red lights,almost got hit by a car...I was almost sure that would be my last night in PP!These guys kept chasing us..I started crying,I called my mum and asked her to pray for me as some crazy people are chasing us.I started reciting "As I walk through the valley of the shadows of death....." I swear I couldn't believe what was happening.I kept looking over my shoulder each time hoping these guys would give up and go their way...but no!Each time I looked over,sure as hell they were there!!Their faces hard and men on a mission.I was scared to death.Honestly.

 They chased us for about 10-15 minutes or more I cant really tell.All the way from Russian hospital on st 271 near sovanna mall to Sihanouk Boulevard near Lucky supermarket...near the Independence Monument.Then they just suddenly stopped.When we were sure they weren't following us anymore,my neighbour went to one of his relatives who lives near Sihanouk boulevard.I was still shaking.We stayed there for a while.

 After a while my neighbour said ..ok lets go home now.But I was stil scared.I was scared because before all this happened...when the crazy motobike guy and I were talking over how much I should pay for him to take me home,I told him where 'home' was!!Well not exactly,but like the area I live you know??What if they decide to wait for us near there...or worse..bring more people and just..I donno..that by far was my Kraziest moto bike ride!!!!!!

 Do you think you can top my kraziest moto bike ride?Write me an email and tell me your krazy stories


  1. cambodia the worst fuck up place on the planet...all criminals...

  2. i always using the tuktuk, some are very good, but some are very strange.

    Moto in Kampala is also like same driving.