Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cambodia's Water Festival cancelled this year!!!

  Hi beautiful people,hope everyone is having a wonderful time in this beautiful Kingdom..or wherever you are.Am having such a good day today.Anyway so last night I was having dinner with a friend of mine and she mentioned that the water festival has been cancelled this year...and I was like WHAT????For thosse who don't know...Water Festival is the largest public festival in Cambodia.The festival marks the reversal of the flow of the Tonle Sap river,and obviously there is a "scientific'explanation for this reversal.but its more fun when I think about it  as.."The river is just bored of flowing in the same direction all year long and decided..what the hell,am gonna go this way now!!" The highlight of the festival is the boat races on the riverside and fireworks afterwards...aaaah.The festival happens over 3 days once every year in November in Phnom Penh (the capital city) and bout 2 million people(ok..ok...1 million) come to Phnom Penh to enjoy the boat races,parties,food,fireworks...etc. During this time...going to riverside is almost impossible!!There are people everywhere and at some point one has to walk because no cars or motobikes or tuktuks are allowed near the riverside.

 So anyway I actually thought that the Festival has been cancelled because of the disaster that happened last year...rem?There was a stampede and many people lost their lives...that was so sad.But basically the water festival has been cancelled for 2 reasons. 1. The water level in the Tonle sap river is so high and the government thinks this would endager the lives of the people competing in the boat races.2. Due to the floods in sad..the governmennt has decided to cancel the Water Festival and use that money for flood relief instead.I think this makes sense, but I was so looking forward to the Festival.I know many Cambodians will be disappointed.So for those who haven't experienced this awesome festival,Ill just talk about last year's festival and put up some pics for all of you to see!!

Boats racing!!!

 Honestly during this time I mostly get out of the city to get away from the crowds but last year I decided to go ahead and experience this festival first hand.One of my dear friend callled Becky (I miss you Becky!!!)had a beautiful apartment right at the river front..with a balcony looking over the river (beautiful) so she kindly invited us to her house on one of the 3 days just to hang out and see boat races,fireworks and all the madness going on from the safety of her apartment.It was fun to watch the boats but mostly the was insane!!!I had never seen anything like it...crazy crazy crazy!!The other days were spent partying coz nothing closes down on riverside...there is people eating on the streets,people from the provinces walking around...trsh everywhere.....sigh..but much fun.

Awesome view from the Balcony!!

Awesome View....

Boats racing!!

More boats racing!!!


Insane crowd!!

Sea of people!!!


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