Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kratie diary.....Day 1.

Ok so for the KhmerNew Year I had only 3 days off and was invited to Kratie Province to stay with my Cambodian workmate's family,my workmate is called Noch.I did not know what to expect..but I was ready for anything and everything.Noch's brother was supposed to come pick us up on Tuesday at 5:30pm,but he didn't come until way after 7pm!Oh well.Her other family members were going as well,so there was 8 of us.His car was a pickup truck and Noch,her two cousins and I decided to sit in the back of the truck(bad idea).Drama started when I couldn't get my huge(and cute)ass up the truck hahahaaa ,but that was because I had to climb up from the was too high for me they offered to physically help have some one on the truck pull me up and some push me up from down..I was like that's ridiculous!no way am doing that!!So they had to get me a chair to step on...haha.And off we went.

It was really cold at the back of the truck because of the wind and my ass got sooooo sore!!I couldn't wait to get to Kratie.We got there past midnight and Noch's mum was there waiting for us.She greeted me warmly(Remember at this point they all thought I know just a tiny little bit of khmer.When Noch's sister-in-law asked if I could speak Khmer,I said that I could speak very little...probably just the greetings!!!So they have no idea I can understand and speak basically 95% of Khmer lol..I do that alooot!!)Then her mum commented that am black but cute!hahahaha.I was wondering when someone will say something about my skin.

Cambodian traditional wooden house on stilts!

After chatting for like 15 minutes,we all headed upstairs to sleep.It was a typical Cambodian traditional wooden house on stilts.Well one thing about Cambodians is that they really don't value beds!!Some of them actually sleep outside.Some of them sleep on the bare floor,some sleep on a mat on the floor and some (especially night guards)sleep on a mat on a four legged wooden thingy that can be folded,oh and Cambodians have this ability to comfortably sleep on their motos-amazing sight!I did not know where I will sleep but I kinda knew the next time I will see a matress was back in PP!We go upstairs and Noch,her cousin and I are going to share the same bed.It is a wooden bed with a mat for a mattress...I asked for a Cambodian experience..that's what i got.We carefully put the mosquito net and each took a shower and went to bed.The next morning I was woken up by a cock crowing and smell of firewood burning!!That was just amazing!!OMG!It reminded me of a typical village in Kenya.I opened my eyes and just lay there taking in the sounds and smells.Then I realised I was alone in bed,I reached over to get my phone and check what time it was,then it hit me..I was sore alover!!My back,oooh!!,my thighs..ooh!My hips??why the hell were my hips sore??and my ribs??Well the bed was hard..really hard,and when I slept on my side the hard surface pressing on my hips..and ribs and onto the bones there.Do you know the number of lovely love handles you need to get past to get to my ribs??and my hip bone?have you seen the size of my hips??Trust me that bed was some hardcore Cambodian shit!!I look at my phone and try to sit up..ond its 6am!!Let me just say this,I am NOT a morning person..haha but I was kinda embarrased to be the only one sleeping,so I go take a shower and go downstairs.

Sleeping ona moto bike!!
Very comfortable indeed!!

Hahaha I loove Cambodians.....:)


  1. Lolest! I sooo want to come there and experience that!
    the humour is amazing..hehehe

  2. lol,Judy you are more than welcome to come over..:)

  3. Maggie, how can I contact you?

  4. Hi Anonymous :) you can send me an email at