Saturday, April 9, 2011

Khmer New Year...and everything niiice :)

 Well,I seriously need to figure out why I haven't posted in like forever...:( Anyways am back!!! Khmer New Year is just around the corner and I am super excited.Atleast 3 days off...I am so looking forward to that. Again...the number of holidays in Cambodia,but am not complaining AT ALL.Well for those who don't know what Khmer New Year is... its just the Cambodian New year or Chaul Chnam Khmer(the Cambodian language) and it literally means Enter Year New..well the Cambodian language is like that.Once you translate it literally/directly into get some ridiculous thing.And that's why most Cambodians speak weird broken English,because they translate Khmer directly to English...and anyway am way out of topic here...

 So obviously alot has happened in the magnificent Kingdom of wonder since my last post. Am having so much fun at work.No,no haven't told any more little white lies..yet!!And there are so many new expats in Cambodia,and it's always fun meeting new people. So many events and get togethers to attend...and sometimes just dinner or a few drinks with some friends...or a simple house party could be reeeeeally fun...wait,speaking of parties,last weekend  I attended an awesome house party...we danced like most of the time and had some good laughs..but 2 things happened to me that night.First,my hair extension fell!!!YES...classic .blackgirlproblem , my cute fake hair extension..fell..was I embarrased?NO hahaha I know I shoulda been,but I just like pointed at it laughing,oh and in total disbelief(it has never happened before....well not to me) and all my friends joined in..we laughed took several pictures and went back to dancing!

Second,while leaving the party there are some steps I clearly did not see and I tripped and fell flat on my that was no word for it.After that we all took a tuktuk and went out dancing,we couldn't fit in one tuktuk and had to like really squeeze and sit on each other...I think its way more fun riding a tuktuk this way lolol.Went back home after dancing some more and spent the next day(Sunday) at home listening to old rock songs..Bowling for soup always puts a smile on my face...

 Wait,I wanted to say somethng before I started with the party..Khmer New Year..Oh yes...oh.Long story short (am watching Big Momma am typing this,I have so much to say,but clearly...Victor is feeling kinda jealous lol) long story short, I was thinking of going down to the beach,party hard for the Khmer New Year,but then i came up with an even better plan..Ill go down to Kratie Province with a Cambodian workmate.Stay with her family and get to celebrate Khmer New Year,the true Cambodian way.Ill even go to the Pagoda with the family...I know,i know,I am a christian,but I gotta experience this.I think it's going to be awesome.So many people in the province who have never seen a black person...but hey,am ready for them.Ill also go see some dolphins while am there...I mean,ill be in Kratie!!

 Yeah that's it for now.Ill definitely write soon...Love yall.Happy Khmer New Year!


  1. I soooo want to come to Cambodia for the Holidays...heeeeehheeee..How now can you have all those days off??? Makes me miss our former president Moi. He had a way of lighting up my face with the holidays...

    Nice piece..happy new year!

  2. Haha Judy,all together they are like more than 30 days a year..that's like a month!!Love it!!Come for a visit.You will like it here!