Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yeeei New Year!!

Heey!It's a new year and am so happy and excited...for no apparent reason(am always happy and excited mmmmh that's weird!)Anyways I had a wonderfull christmas though I wish my family was with me(who  doesn't?)and I told my friends here how 'excitting' my christmas day was...So this is what happened..ok I attend this church that just recemtly started and the members are not many..we decided to make some flyers and give them out inviting Cambodians for lunch in our small church on christmas day.We made about 70-100 flyers and I was expecting what?like 50 people max right?We made alllot of food and i was scared all the food will go to waste right?Well shock on us...300 people showed up!!!!!it was freaking amazing..or not!!And i was inchargeof serving was unbelievable..I spent half the time going like "I can't give you more food,some people haven't eaten...uuuh haven't i seen you on the line before.....uuuh please wait...uuuh stop pushing...uuuh we have no more spoons......"  It was a wonderfull time!!!

 New Year's I was on a boat cruising the Tonle not sure how to call this river..its'either Tonle sap or Tonle bassac,or of those names ..yeah the theme was pirates but clearly I did not get the memo!It was so much fun.And the fireworks...beautiful!Cambodia is a wonderful place.

 So am excited today because we have a long weekend...tommorrow is a holiday.The amount of holidays in Cambodia is seriously??king's birthday, queen's birthday,victory day....erm pchum ben..eerm well just know there are lots of holidays here..and i love it!!

 My girlfriend's and I had planned to go to Kep in Kampot..out of town have a weekend of relaxing by the pool..and doing many other things like...eerm eerm eating, and erm..well we were to do maany other things..i just can't remember :)..but instead we decided to stay in town(there is always going to be another holiday,trust me!)and am really looking forward to this weekend...we will do all the things we had planned and it will be an awesome weekend!Drinks and dancing tonite,chill by the pool tomorrow,lunch at mine on Saturday...Oh yeah and am planning to go to Bangkok end of January..for a week,that's something to look forward to!!!

Cheers...gotta run.

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