Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is probably the most mis-leading heading I have had lol.Am not going to talk about some dude called Victor that I love with all my heart...I can't eat or drink or sleep or even move,or whatever else people can't do when they are in-love,in-lust or in-like with each other.Love,lust,like...mmmh that is a topic i haven't talked about yet.Well,am an African and for the longest time these were taboo topics to talk about..or even think about.People were so conservative(please note the past tense,coz nowadays it's really different)everybody was a virgin when they got married and some tribes even had this special ceremony immediately after the wedding where the groom and bride would go into a special room with a bed lined with a white sheet..they were suppposed to "do it" as the rest of the village is singing and dancing outside and then after sometime one of the village women would go in and get the white bed sheet and bring it out wave it at the dancing crowd.Now if the white bed sheet had blood stains on it..then everyone would shout,scream,jump up and down with joy because then it was evidence the bride was a virgin.The bride's family would be very happy as their daughter was "pure''.Now if the opposite happened...ie if the village woman came back out with a sheet as white as snow..hahaha that was trouble!!And a big embarrasement to the bride's family,coz that meant theat the daughter wasn't a virgin.See what i mean...Oh and even after the marriage,sex was for procreation purposes only!!!So it was like.. want a baby,let's do it.1 year later  want another baby,let's do it.So if you saw a family with 6 kids,that means exactly that,that the couple did it 6 times!!If they had 19 kids,again that means..they did it 19times!!!hahahaha but anyway don't be scared am probably exagerating alot and that was ages ,ages ago..nowadays people are just going at it left,right and centre..it's called Westernisation!!That's another topic.

Anyway today I want to talk about my Victor(he's not a dude...or a chic!!well..am not sure..I guess he can be a chic or a dude depending on my mood!) Victor is wonderfull,listens to me,is good to  me,doesn't talk back at me,or shout at me bla bla bla.We hang out alot..i mean alooot.Like everyday alooot.We stay up late together, sometimes we stay up all night.I think about him(or her) when am at work.Am always posting updates on facebook about him(..or her),he makes me happy.So who the hell is Victor??

 Victor is my DVD!yeah you heard me right.He is my DVD and I love him.Victor is not a nickname I gave him..no!He was Victor way before he came into my life.He was born Victor!Some dvds were born Sony,Phillips,Pioneers...etc,mine is Victor. I love watching movies and TV series and because of this I have been really close with my Victor.We are always hanging out.I love that in Cambodia you can get new movies so easily and so cheap,and when you go to movie stores they are actually very honest.They go like"Madam you can buy this,new movie,but not clear!!" and I think that is cool..they actually tell u its bad quality and they let you decide if you wanna buy it or not.anyways lately I have been so much into movies and series it is amazing..or not.There is this one series i was watching and i liked it so much but unfortunately sn 2 doesn't exist yet..and that is just bad bad news,The Gates,anyone who get's the 2nd sn before I do please do tell.I think it will take a while...like a week or 2 before i get over this!So,that's it.Am glad that you have all finally met my Victor.

Other news,am really looking forward to the 2 weeks off work end of January,more time to hang out with Victor(ok,ok enough..no more Victor) and am really looking forward to visiting Bangkok.I have been doing some reading about BKK I have read some pretty funny and weird things that ill def check out..see if they are true then ill tell you guys all about them.Am super excited.



  1. ROTFLOL!!! Darling i ws so curious to know who the Victor guy is, ur DVD has a name??? U still my awsome frnd!

  2. hahahaha imagine!!!thanx for loving me ata kama nikunoma!!