Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crazy traffic in Phnom Penh..

Its been ages since I last posted..blame it on my excitting social life,I barely have time to sit down and write.Anyway I recently moved out of my apartment for various reasons,and now I live alittle bit far from everything..it's crazy.In Cambodia everyone complains about the crazy traffic..and I never understood why because:

   1) For two years my place of work was a 3 minute walk from my apartment!
   2) The supermarket where I did all my shopping was a 5 minute motoride away.
   3) If I needed fresh veggies..and stuff,there was a market like 5minute away(walking)
   4) If I had to go out I did that later on in the night like after 9pm and there is usually no traffic at this time.

So now you know why I never understood what everyone was complaining about.But then everything changed. I got a new job that was on the other side of Phnom Penh, I changed apartments and now live on the ooother side of Phnom penh(am I even in phnom penh..seriously) and my life has just changed!!

 The traffic is craaazy!!Today morning I was soo pissed..I cant even put it in words.It took me 40minutes to get to work and that is just ridiculous!!There were cars and motos everywhere...and nobody wants to follow the traffic lights so there is just like a huge heap of cars and motos...at some point nobody could move for about 10minutes..and the police..omg!!they were just making everything worse really!!and the stares...Cambodians please listen..there are black people out there,get over it!!My moto did not have side mirrors so we  were stopped by the police...at one point my moto guy had to get gas on the way..it was a crazy morning to say the least.And let me tell you,next time there is a group of expats complaining about traffic in Phnom Penh..ill definitely have something to complain about.


  1. Woiye..pole dear!!
    That is typically kenya....
    I wake up at 5:30am to get to work at 7:40
    N its not that I do make up at home, I put on make up at the office...Traffic galore

  2. HEllo Maggie it would be great to meet,