Tuesday, December 21, 2010

African Hair??What the @#$%!!

So I changed my hairstyle a week ago..I have it in a ponytail with an extension at the end,or at the top.I did not expect that my new hairstyle would be such a big deal..lol.I got even more people staring at me(I dint know it would be possible to have more people staring at me..am in shock!!) and my kids at school are asking me all sorts of questions..' Teacher how do you sleep?' ,' how do you shower?".."Does it hurt?" Did you do it by yourself?".."Is it real?"..."Can I please touch your hair teacher?"..Well I can totally understand why African hair is so weird to them,because we Africans are always doing different things to our hair all the time and most Cambodians easily get confused!!Well,I have a history of telling stupid little lies to the Cambodians..just tiny little lies that no one else would ever believe!Like one day I was with a group of Cambodian women and it was late evening and had started to get dark..so I pretended how shocked I was that it gets dark in Cambodia because in "Africa"  it never gets dark..we have daylight even at night time so  the darkness at night here was a big shock to me!!!(FYI:Most Cambodians think that Africa is one country )And they believed me!!They really did!!And I was shocked but  excited at the same time,because that meant I could get away with telling them practically anything.Not good though,because if they ever went to Kenya..i mean Africa and it got dark at night,they are going to be like " That bitch lied to us!!"

 Anyway let's go back to my hair..So one time I was in class busy trying to teach when i realised that my kids were staring at me but not listening..then I ask what's up,and they start all the questions about my hair again..ooh the questions.So this is what I told them..I said that the extension is actually an animal..it is my pet..I came with it from Kenya and I have it on my head so that it can protect me from strangers or from people who want to harm me!!This animal is not in Cambodia but it is like a hedgehog...and please please do not touch it because it might bite you!At this point the class grew really silent and they were definitely really interested in hearing more.Well I was just joking but when I heard them whispering in Khmer that" Her hair can bite!!!"I knew they believed me(they dont know I can speak and understand Khmer)they are 4th Graders btw!!So they ask if they can have a closer look at my "pet"..and I say yes but only if they promise not to touch it!So I sit down and some of them come to look at it..and the best part is when one of them said.." Teacher I can see the legs!!!" and then the rest joined in and actually confirmed that they can see the legs of my "pet",on my head!!It took alot of self control for me not to laugh out loud.I will tell them that it is actually not an animal but just a decorative hair extension...sooon.lol.

And now I present my pet animal that lives on my head and looks like a hedgehog and bites strangers......BEWARE!!!!!!!MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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  1. Hahahah Wambs i swear u havent changed at all..umekuwa mjinga tu sana lol...u shuld try lying to these english ppl, they blived africa was a country aswell bt since credit crunch most of them hav gone bck to skool so we cnt tell lies anymore lol....miss u sana lakini, n stop lying to little kids woiye. sheks