Wednesday, October 13, 2010


  Hey everybody,wow so much has happened between now and the last post that i dont know where to start at all!!!Well ill just give you a lil something..last week we had a holiday on Thursday and Friday.making it a very long weekend.So my friends and i went to Kep is a small beach town outside the city...and we had so much fun,i met new people that are soo cool and we just enjoyed ourselves.We did not go the beach there though because it was a little crowded with Cambodians but we went to this wonderful island..OMG!!really beautiful,with clean water and we just liked it.The crab was soooo good.Am not a sea food kinda person but trust me that crab was goood!we call it the happy crab!!

 Well alot happened,but am not in a writing mood really..there was this small incident involving a certain tipsy African girl with a certain tiny Chinese guy..that will make yall laugh but lets keep that a secret for now.Hilarious!!

 Am having so much fun,really,am just happy!!Am happy i have met wonderful new people.Cheers y'all

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