Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have nothing in particular to write about actually.I have been having so much fun almost everyday that i don't see the point of writing about it anymore.God blessed me with wonderful friends and at the moment am just happy.Alot is happening..time is moving so fast...makes me think about the future and one day i looked at my past and asked myself if there is anything i really regret and if i could,what would i change.Well there is only one thing i regret..and as much as i would like to tell you,its kinda personal,its the one mistake that i would turn back time to undo.But what is done is done,there is no need for crying over spilt milk(or water).But i chose to learn from that mistake and...i have learned..and i have moved on period.Am wiser now.

Right now i really want to focus on things that matter.I want to surround myself with people who make me a better person...speaking of that,have you realised just how some people bring out the worst in you??Its kinda creepy really,when they are around you...things they say,things they do just make you react in the worst way possible.I knew someone like that before.And whenever they were around me,the things they would say(even in a simple conversation)would just hit me the wrong way making my responses kinda rude and know small small things.If you hang around selfish people..probability is you will soon be selfish,same case with rude people or insensitive people...know what i mean.So yeah am trying my best to keep bad energy as far away from me as possible.

Ooh can be very tricky and sometimes it takes a little extra something to put things in perspective.Am learning everyday.The other day i learned that it is very very very very important to appreciate what you not even talking about money(some things are more important).I have also learned to listen to my gut and follow my instinct...we forget to do that alot.Learn to listen to that inner voice that says "don't" or "that's a bad idea".Am learning learning not to listen to destructive criticism,am learning not many people's opinions matter.Am also learning that you definitely cant please everyone,so i stopped trying.I learned that being yourself is important...never try to be someone you are not so that someone else will like you or in order to fit in...sooner or later you will get tired of pretending and what will happen then?The most important thing i learnt is that i am a strong woman!!

 Goodnight y'all.cheers


  1. OMG Magda..u just hit the nail on the wood!! i have been wondering why i always feel some sort of negative energy when am around certain people, now i know and im also going to start surrounding myself with positivity! Keep the posts coming..
    I never get tired of reading, don't get tired of writing!

  2. Hi Milka,you have felt that too?phew i thought i was the only one...yeah lets keep it positive.
    Ms. Owang thanks.