Friday, December 19, 2014

A little catch up.

Hey lovelies, its funny how I have sooo much i'd like to write on this little blog, but I just never get around to it. I work longer hours now, so ill definitely need to put more effort in this.

A few things that have happened in the last two months:
 *I went to Malaysia for a mini vacation with some lovely ladies and it was lots of fun. I definitely want to go back to Malaysia and explore more :)

 *I missed an opportunity to co MC an event here in PP as something waaayyy more important came up, but I have been wondering how I'd have done if I had done it. Would it have been a huge embarrassing flop? Would I have been great at it? hmmmm

 *I have somewhat of an idea of what i want to do in the next couple of months- LOL, I know i know this shouldn't be news. Do not judge me if you have it all figured out.

 *I started teaching ESL at a University and I am enjoying it. (The other day I showed my students one of those "The Africa you do not see on TV" you tube videos and they all almost lost it!! They were sooo shocked and surprised. They had no idea that Africa had paved roads, tall buildings, cars etc??!!)

 *I was asked to do a presentation about racism in Cambodia at a workshop organised by a really cool organisation here. This will happen early next year and I will definitely write about it and give you all the details.

 *I have a lot to say about the completely horrendous incidences of females being stripped off their clothes happening in Kenya that prompted the hashtag #mydressmychoice.

 *People I know and love have left Phnom Penh making me feel all sorts of ways.

 *I went to an Embassy that treated me like a human being and for the first time was not told "Sorry, black people cannot!!"

 *And finally, I will be spending Christmas in Bali, Indonesia and I am excited!

I seriously hope to write about some of these things in detail after my Bali trip :)

Happy Holidays to all my readers!! Xoxox

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