Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Big Chop: Before and after photos.

Hi lovelies, Happy New Year to all of you out there. My year started of quite rough..I received 3 bad news-all different and unrelated..sheesh so much for 'I hope 2013 is the best one yet' . Oh well. I was going to talk about my 'Big Chop' in this post, yes I chopped of all my hair 2 days before the end of last year. And  I am now rocking a TWA (Teeny weeny Afro) lol and I absolutely love it. Other than that I'm back to work now-it's so good to see my little pumpkins..some of them stared at me for quite a while all I bet I look quite different to them.

Many people have asked me why I did it, and I did for several very personal reasons. One of them being ..a change is always good. Ill def not go into the other reasons. It was a scary (brave) thing to do lol, I was scared id look all weird haha..anyho..I have some pictures of how my hair was before the Big Chop (rubbing hands together).I have ALOT of hair people..well I I still alot of hair, allover my head. Well Ill just put the pics up and let you see what I

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My Hair in all it's awesome GLORY!!lol

Look at that!!
Lotsa hair!!

That's a mirror am holding..during the haircut.

In my living room ...still during the haircut.

All cleaned up...voila!!

This is out side my apartment btw...



  1. I chopped mine in April 2012. It felt so liberating! Like you, i got so many people asking me why i cut my hair, but later everybody got used to it! Its a bold and brave move so rock on girl! I love it! Change sure does feel good :)


  2. PS: I have been thinking long and hard about visiting Cambodia in the future. I'll keep you posted

  3. You just look great and pretty! Here is a friend, another great Kenyan woman with even less hair.