Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Sunday in Phnom Penh.

 Hi everyone..It's been ages since I wrote anything on here..I promise ill start posting more regularly.Id like to mention that I appreciate all the emails ive been getting at's been sooo exciting reading and replying to yall.Otherwise so far life is still good I havent done anything realllly interesting lately.Oh but I went down to sihanoukvile a few weeks back and went to bamboo island..that was a fun weekend.

I was asked in one of the emails  to describe what i normally do on weekends or rather what is there to do in Phnom Penh Cambodia on the weekends...and well I really dono what to say.There is aloooooot of things to do..there are bands playing in some bars,open mics,house parties,boat parties, I guess it just depends on the group of friends one has.Am afraid if I said what i normally do on most weekends people will go like pffft that is the most boring thing ive ever but mostly I just meet up with friends and do something..have dinner,go to a bar or several bars,end up in a club,mostly pontoon..and I always end up in the african club for some African music,I would never get bored in the African club.If there is a good band playing somewhere,we def go check it out...birthday parties,boat parties,themed there is always something.

I had asked my British friend to come to the African church with me for the Easter Sunday service...hehe I knew she would find it very interesting.So we did just that.I picked her up and off we went to church.We had a good time especially the singing and dancing part..yall know how African churches had to explain some things the testimony part and also about tithe.But am glad she liked it.After church we went and had lunch then we went camera shopping on Monivong.

I love frozen yogurt..and it was sooo hot anyway so we decided to go get some at Snow Yogurt at sorya mall.Most of my friends have had frozen yogurt at tutti frutti instead,and apparently it is really expensive there..ive never been to tutti frutti bt ill try it out someday.Anyway the snow yogurt branch at Sorya mall is soooo seriously,oh well.

So after that we decided to go and get the khmer picture taken..the one with Cambodian traditional attire and make up?yeah that.We got to the studio and its $15 for one costume but you get 3 different pictures.So off to make up we went.I knew id look ridiculous coz first,they dint have any powder or foundation that matched my skin I ended up with a thick layer of white sticky powder...and very long fake eyelashes.I looked like a ghost literally..or like the japanese powder thingy..whats it called keisha,geisha..something.grrrrr.Then to make matters worse,I had cornrows,so they couldnt style my hair!!They decided to attach different parts of different wigs on my head..the piece at the back looked like a beehive..the piece at the front looked just horrible,and my cornrows still showed.oh and the wigs were brownish..oh dear me!I looked like a disaster!

Anyway we took the pictures and after this guy kept telling me not to worry coz he was going to photoshop the hell outa my picture.He kept doing the chop gesture...meaning he was going to trim me down..I was like,no no no its alright don't worry about that but he said I shouldn't worry he will make me very beautiful!My stomach sunk.Beauty to most Cambodians=white skin and skinny body.So i was convinced this guy would photoshop my skin to match the colour of the horrible white powder on my face..AND he was totally going to chop away until i looked as skinny as Kate Moss.Lord have Mercy!!

Thank God he didn't go crazy on the photoshop.My face was still as white as fuck,the hair looked horrible,but it was eeeeeh ok ish.

So after we wanted to watch a film,we had to chose between the Flicks for Intouchable(a french movie i reallllllly want to watch) or Legend cinema for Hunger games.We headed to City mall,had KFC and went to watch Hunger games.Now,now..i know everyone is raving about this movie..thats why I really wanted to watch it in the first place,but to be hones,it was just an ok ish movie...I think I had really high expections!It went on forever and was a bit predictable to be honest...either way,it was a Sunday well spent!!

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