Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend in KAMPOT.

Happy New Year to everyone.I cant believe this is my first post of the year..well I always do something interesting that I would want to write about or I have a really nice weekend or I see something and go readers would love this..but I jus get too lazy to write really.I wanted to write about the comedy club asia last month,where i sat my ass at the front row...but I guess I shouldn't complain,my friend Lee on the other hand..well let's just say am afraid he has been scarred for the comedy night this month,that Jonathan guy could speak Swahili..I thought that was cool..I wanted to write about my silly resolutions for the new year,I wanted to write about what I did the other weekend (Spanish themed dinner,drinks,dancing that ended up in the African club...good times),but ill just write about my weekend in Kampot for now.Ill write about the other things later.

So I went to Kampot last weekend.Kampot is a town outside Phnom Penh.There was 4 of us girls.The taxi picked us up at 1pm we were in Kampot by 3.30pm.We stayed at the beautiful Villa Vedici.We got there and the first thing we did was change,go check out the river,as the villa is built near it,and go hang by the pool drink in hand.It was sooo peaceful,sooo beautiful.We swam for a while,watched the sunset,booked a tuk tuk and went to get ready to go out for dinner.

There is this restaurant that is verrrrry famous in Kampot for its ribs....The Rusty Keyhole!!Apparently they have the best ribs in we decided to check it out.A tuktuk from the villa to town is $3 one way.We got to the restaurant,2 of us ordered the half rack ribs,and let me say it was goood!The owners of the restaurant have a brown labrador that was just lazing about.Though there was a notice not to feed the lab coz he was already a was hard not to.After a few jugs of beer,we were ready to move on.

Ribs at Rusty Keyhole.

Every Friday at Bodhi Villa there is live music,we decided to go check that out.I must say,Bodhi villa is a guesthouse on the river,and its best known as a traveller spot.It has an easy,chilling atmosphere mostly coz of the dreadlocked,tatooed,beer drinking,ganja smoking,carefree and very friendly travellers/backpackers/people everywhere!!It was so much fun there.People were jumping in the river either fully clothed or they'd take off their clothes right there..and go in in their underwear.I was just too scared..I kept thinking of anacondas and crocodiles.And then at one point we saw the shadow of some guy on a canoe...a long canoe and him standing at one end with a paddle(its called a paddle right??)moving at a slow and very ghostly pace..that was creepy!!!I had a little flash light so we decide shine it on him haha...he wasn't even bothered,he just glided past...oh that was really creepy!There was music playing,people dancing.We stayed there dancing till 2am and decided it was time to head back.Our tuk tuk driver was having some  beers as he waited for can get a bit crazy at Bodhi Villa.

We got to the villa all tipsy and giggly..haha and decided to jump in the pool.It was a beautiful night...well morning.There was a full moon and the stars were sooo was amazing.I dint wanna get my bra wet,so lets jus say for those who dont know...boobs float in water!!It was hilarious..we were all whispering as everyone else was asleep!We eventually went to bed.

Next day,Saturday,we got up,no hangovers thanks to royal Ds..hehe.We had breakfast by the pool,hang out a bit,then we rented motos and off we went to explore Kampot.I cant ride a moto(bummer),so I had to get on the back of my friend's moto.We drove to Utopia for a day of lazing about floating on the river on tubes and swaying in hammocks.Utopia is another traveller guesthouse on the river.Afterwards we rode back to the town for coffee and brownies at Epic cafe run by deaf Cambodians.I got a papaya smoothie(i love papayas so..yeah) and the best choclolate brownie ive ever had in my life!!My friends got a piece of carrot cake..which was really good and a scone..soo good.After chilling for a while,we headed back home..erm villa vedici.Relaxed,showered,went out for dinner and drinks and that was a Saturday well spent.



Sunday was soo beautiful,blue skies,peace and quiet just lovely.We rode back to the Epic cafe for breakfast coz we loved it so much.And yes it was really nice.After breakfast we rode all the way to Kep!!It was a really fun ride seriously.We stopped for gas somewhere and we saw a monley chained to a tree!How random is that..I felt so sad for the monkey.We got to Kep drove around to see the statues,crab market and just coz the sea was soo beautiful.We headed to Veranda-for a swim.Veranda is a resort tucked in among the hills lined with smooth rocks everywhere and wooden benches in the pool that one could sit on.It was beautiful.We just hang out there swimming,drinking and eating and enjoying the views.

The pool at Veranda!!

Pool at Veranda!!

We started out journey back to Kampot at 4.00pm and we had to ride real fast as our taxis were booked for 5pm.We made it in time.Started heading to PP at 5.30 and by 8.30pm we were back to the madness that is Phnom Penh!That was a weekend well spent!


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  2. I've been reading your posts about your experiences here in Cambodia since November 2011. Loved that tale about African hair and the fibs you tell your class kids. cracks me up every time i remember it. i arrived in Cambodia late January 2012. i'm working with a consulting agency here and will be very happy to meet you in person if possible as i live in Phnom Penh now. i have been trying to reach you via your email but somehow i'm always directed to outlook instead of gmail each time i click on your email link. my outlook is not set up. So if you are interested you can reach me on my email at and i will get back in touch right away. hope to hear from you soon.
    best regards,
    akua mercy

  3. Hi Mercy,

    Thank you so much for your comment.Am glad that you enjoy reading my blog,and yes Id be happy to meet up with you.Il email you asap.