Thursday, July 28, 2011

Krazy Cambodia VS Krazy Africa....same same but DIFFERENT!!!

 Hi there has been the longest time since I posted anything.And I recently checked my stats and whoooooa more than 2,000 views ..I was surprised.You know,I consider my blog sort of a silly one,because I never talk about serious things!!I love reading other people's blogs and am telling you people out there are writting about 'serious' know,awareness about many things happening in Cambodia...human rights things..architectural things..cultural things...about stories behind the begging children on the streets...stories about the plight of cambodians who live on the river...oh and the slum along the railway line...stories about the evacuation issues in Cambodia by the big ass factories...the power issues...the huge gap between the rich and poor...things about several NGOs and what they do here,you know...damn.Those are 'serious' things!!It's not that I don't see these things..I do,but as an African,as a Kenyan this is not the frst time am witnessing such kinds of injustices or this kind of poverty or the corruption.I have seen shit(like literally with my 2 eyes!!)..I have seen even WORSE things on the news back home.I have seen a person beaten to death because he tried to steal something to eat because he was too hungry...I have seen a person being burnt alive because his neighbours suspected he was gay...and these are just the normal things.I have seen patients die in the waiting room of a hospital because the nurses decided to go on strike until the government pays them their salaries.I have seen politicians STEAL and STEAL and STEAL from there people and nobody can do shit about it.I have been to the largest slum in Africa (probably am not sure..hehe) is called it if you dare. The living conditions there are sooooo horrible I can't put it in words.So what am trying to say is I can't look at Cambodia the same way a Westerner or a European looks at it.They come from countries where it is a huuuge issue to throw trash on the street talk less of using plastic bags..the free healthcare system in some,free education in others,welfare,governments that actually work,people that actually have rights.The human rights issues in Africa are so big...I can't start explaining..well I can put it this way some cows in the states have more rights than some people in Africa.haha.(Africans dont kill me we all know this is true!)And on top of that...mother nature doesn't really like us sometimes does she??drought and many times in my life have I seen children wither talking skin and talking counting all the tiny little bones..crying.damn.So when some government official here runs over some poor Cambodian's motobike on freaking Monivong....sorry if am not moved to tears.So I hope you understand why I write silly things on my blog..instead of 'serious' things!!haha.

Now,now enough with the gloomy stuff.Let's look back at some of the silly things I have posted....(rubbing my hands together!!)So for those of you reading this blog for the first time....

   1. I love watching movies,series and anything interesting on telly really. My favourite series of all time is Supernatural.I looooove it,dono why..maybe its coz i have such a strong religious background,and so i generally like demony things..haha.And shit on supernatural is almost 90% Bible accurate.ATM am watching criminal minds...nyway I have a DVD(My precious....)It has a was born Victor(Do not even ask!!)!!I love my Victor.

  2. I can speak Khmer(Cambodian language)so I tend to interact aloooot with a few Cambodians and I tend to tell tiny little lies to these Cambodians...well in my defense they all start of as sarcastic jokes ..but then I realise that they actually believe whatever ridiculous thing am saying.So I kinda just go with the flow.Later I started to wonder what other ridiculous things I can get away with...and am telling you..LOADS!!They believe anything!!I was once hanging out with some Cambodian women and it was evening and when it started getting dark..I feigned surprise and told them that it never gets dark in Africa(PS most Cambodians think Africa is one big country)and that that was the first time I was seeing darkness..coz where am from...the sun shines day and night-They believed!!I have told my students that my hair extension was actually a pet hedgehog from Africa that I carry around on my head to protect me from people who want to harm me-they believed me.I have told some Cambodian women that African women pee with one leg on the floor and the other leg on the wall...(Do not even ask how we got to talking about this!!)-They believed me. I have told my students that I was more than 200 yrs old(gave them some story of a magic fountain in Kenya with anti aging magical water...bla bla bla)-they believed me.And since I stopped having the conversation about Africans being black coz of the hot burning sun in Africa,a moto bike guy once asked me about it and I told him it was true...we actually have 3 suns in the sky at any given moment in Africa!!-He tottally believed me!!I love Cambodians!!

 3. I did not know I was black until I came to Cambodia.Here is all about the skin..the lighter you are the more beautiful you are..the darker you are the less beautiful you are.The darker kids at school are teased endlessly about it..the lighter ones are praised endlessly about it..and these are just kids.It took a bit of getting used to the stares I get here for being was weird at first but now I dont even notice it..Some women in the market have rubbed my skin to see if it'll rub off..shock on DIDN'T.hahaha.I have had some women tell me they think I was beautiful but then their eyes would be filled with such deep sadness before they'd add..."If only you were not black!!" hahaha....again,I love Cambodians.

 4. My trip to Kratie Province to spend Khmer new Year with a Cambodian family this year...that was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made while am here.I did it Cambodian style all the special treatment..ate what they ate(damn...them Cambodians can eat weird telling ya!!),slept where they slept(on a hard ass wooden bed with no mattress on..I have never had so many aches!!),showered where they showered(with the plastic scoop...yeah no showers there)Did what they did everyday(they had a small roadside restaurant serving breakfast and porridge...I served customers,cleared tables,wiped was fun actually).And i got to see the famous Cambodian dolphins!!

  5. Last but not least,I went to Bangkok Thailand early this year..and yeah..very interesting place,but what was more interesting is how I got my Thai Visa.I got it from the guard at the Thai Embassy here in Cambodia!!Yes I said guard!I had heard rumors that to get a Thai Visa you didn't even need to go IN the embassy or fill out any forms(Well,you could....but just in case you didn't want to..or are in a hurry..)..just get there give the gate guard your passport,agree on a price and when to come pick up your passport....DONE!Yup I did exactly that...was I scared that I might never see  my passport ever again...YES!!But I still did it..I  had to..It was awesome..I wish other embassies (read USA) were like that..*sigh*

  Yeah well that's all I can remember for now.Is it silly? ...yeah kinda haha.Cheers people.x


  1. Hi Maggie
    I am new to cambodia and would love to meet up as I have yet to meet many people . Im here for 6 months working for an ngo!



  2. Ps I just visited Kenya and it was awesome!

  3. Hi Lauren,am glad you liked Kenya.Yeah we should def do drinks sometime :) Send me an email at