Monday, May 23, 2011

Osama , Kratie, Mondulkiri !!

  Ok, Ok...I didn't finish writting about my time spent in Kratie.And so much has happened since then!Osama died!!yooohoooo!!!I cant even begin to tell you how happy that made me!Well as you all know 'he' bombed the US embassy in Kenya in 1998..killing many Kenyan people and wounding others,so I grew up knowing exactly who the bastard was.I say that coz I realised not many people in Cambodia knew who Bin Laden was...until when he died and it was alover the news!I was sitting at home watching telly on a normal Saturday ..and as I was flipping channels..I got to CNN and there it was..breaking news!!I couldn't believe it,and it was a coincidence that my Kenyan friend had invited some of us over to her house for me,that lunch turned into a celebration!!Although I still think he died so easily..just a gunshot??no suffering?nothing?Well if it was up to me,things would go alittle different there..I wouldn't have a problem torturing him first.Nothing serious though..You know..slap him around with a big piece of pork..then make him eat it!!ok ok am just kidding but seriously..he is sooo lucky that Kenyan's are generally very merciful people.Yes I said Kenyans...well Obama is technically a Kenyan!His dad is Kenyan right?and ...haha (Let's not talk about his birth certificate issues)..and nothing would have happened unless he gave the go ahead(powerful man he is lol)for all I know Osama was killed by a Kenyan!haaa.And obviously he had help from non other than Jack Bauer...another Kenyan hahahah am kidding am kidding hahah!!Am telling way Jack Bauer wasn't involved!Explains alot..they stopped making 24 ryt?why?Obviously he had a real mission to do..hahaha.I love Jack Bauer.Anyywayy..after that I saw the picture of Osama's son, Omar Bin Laden...dammit!The boy is cuuute!That Osama guy really passed on some good genes haha...which is really weird coz he didn't necessarily look good to me...maybe it was the beard and the head wrap thingy..and the living in a cave thing.I wonder what Osama would look like after a makeover from Tyra am guessing erm..fierce?(Am soo sober btw).That gives me another part of the torture maybe id make him wear women's know..high heels,make up and shit ..haha.But that is probably illegal :( hot hot son.Osama is dead and gone life should move on...maybe we are busy celebrating and he is busy celebrating as well..don't they believe they will get 7 or 10 virgins waiting after they die?Well who knows..maybe he is somewhere doing the nasty with some virgins... and if that's true am sure by now they are not so virgin!!Enough about Osama.
Any resemblance????

 So let's go back to talking about Kratie..well ill definitely give the shorter highlights of my stay in Kratie province with a typical Cambodian family was 1.The hard freaking bed(check previous post!)2.They had a "hotel" know the small cambodian hotels that sell breakfast ie rice and pork,coffee and porridge in the evenings?Yes Noch's mum had one of those.And everyone in the family was helping out,so I didn't feel comfortable just sitting there.So i got to work,clearing tables,serving was fun.You should have seen the faces of the customers when a black girl walks up to clear the table or give them their plate of pork rice...hahah priceless!!A mixture of confusion,fear and all that haha.They kept staring..and I guess word travelled fast that there was a black girl serving food there coz one time I went to the market with Noch,we came back and her cousins were like "Some customers were asking where your black friend is"hahha.Well am glad I made their day!!Highlight number 3 was going to Kampi.Kampi is the major tourist attraction in Kratie,coz it is here you get to see the dolphins!!awww.It was a beautiful sight!!But before that we went swimming in the river..haha...awesome experience.I couldn't believe how clear the water was.And when you are with Cambodians,do as the Cambodians I went in the water fully clothed like everyone else!awesome!I honestly dont understand why Cambodians do telling you,even down at the beach,they get into the water fully clothed..and most of them have jeans on!!So yeah,I did that as well.I also went to the pagoda and watched Noch and her family receive blessings for the new year.Where a monk had to bless some water in a bucket,and pour the water on them(fully clothed again!)We get to the pagoda and the monk is not there..we wait and wait then he comes out of his room..all this time he was sleeping!So he tells us to wait,after 15 minutes he comes back with cigarettes and a cup of black coffee and I was the only one who thought it was odd that he was praying and blessing the water as he smoked cigarettes and drank coffee!!Noch's mum invited me to take part in all that but i kindly refused,I chose to stand outside and watch..if my mum would ever find out I went to a budhist pagoda..she'd flip!I also attended a ceremony to remember Noch's dead gradma,everyone was in black and white and I had on the most colourful top you had ever of awkward.I asked Noch why she dint tell me there was a dress code..she said it didn't matter as I am a foreigner,but still, I had a white t shirt I could have worn!Anyway,I did so many things in KratieSorry for the long delay and lack of details..but I really enjoyed my time in Kratie(but not the bed!!)

Well,the Kíng's birthday was a week ago,and I had one of them long weekends,dont you just love Cambodian holidays?.It was five days long and I went to Mondulkiri province.OMG! that place is beautiful...trees,forests,waterfalls,cool clear I was soo happy.I was with my workmates,it was a staff trip paid for by our bosses,it was optional and am glad I chose to go.I had a blast!!It was the first time I was literally in or under a was kinda scary coz the rocks around the waterfall were really slippery..but standing there as the water fell and hit that felt amazing..kinda painful at times coz of the force...haha but amazing!I also got to drink traditional Cambodian rice wine for the first time...(I hav a picture of that somewhere..ill post it later)it was not so bad.Oh yeah and I finally got to eat the fried tarantulas..the huge spiders!!it was delicious!I ate 3 legs!Oh you should have seen how proud of myself I was.Now I just need enough courage to eat fried frog and ill be ok.I dont want to go into so much detail but I had an amazing time in Mondulki 
A young Cambodian eating a tarantula!!I ate only the legs!!
This weekend I did nothing!Well,does waiting for the world to end count?lol,alot of bullshit going round in this let's not get started on that please.I wanted to go swimming on Saturday but didn't go.So instead I went and bought a couple of movies and Supernatural sn 1-3..and oh boy oh boy Victor and I had a blast.David,my Australian workmate,thinks I love supernatural just coz of the hot really,it actually is an interesting series..yeah some hot guys are good to see as well!I was all alone watching that in the middle of the night..and when I felt like getting water downstairs,I was actually afraid to go down!!hahaha..being a christian and all,I kinda believe in the spirit world...but obviously 'Supernatural' is too exagerated.Talking of series..that reminds me..I am so not happy that Charlie has been replaced by Ashton Kutcher for 2 and a half men.OMG??I cant imagine anyone else playing Charlie!!OMG..that will need a lot of getting used to!I was watching "No Strings Attached" by Ashton and Natalie Portman and...I enjoyed it(Not the part where we see Ashton's ass.....)but I still can't picture him as Charlie.Funny thing,I expected "No Strings Attached" to have lots of nude/sex scenes,but it didn't compared to 'Love and other Drugs'..remember that?Good Lord...there were too many unnecessary nude/sex scenes in that!

If you had to choose btwn Sam and Dean,who would you pick?..bad boy or good boy????

Ashton's ass as seen on No Strings Attached!!lol
And now am just going on and on..and if I dont stop now..this will be a looong post.So cheers everyone.Have fun. mwaah.

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