Monday, March 7, 2011

A boat party I will remember....

So the other week my wonderful friends organised an 'ism'  boat party.We were supposed to come dressed as our favourite 'ism' ...that is basically any word that ends with 'ism' capitalism,communism,tourism...well and any other ism out there.I knew it was going to be cool.I had a really difficult time figuring out the right ism for myself.I wanted to go as Africanism...then i thought..nuh too cliche,am an African.Then I thought racism...then I was like nuh too black,plus what would my costume be??!Then I became really desperate and decided I should just turn up super wasted and be alcoholism(am a genius,I know!!)..then I thought..wait,I could  turn up as an know like a big blob of amoeba!!!Has anyone watched the power puff girls??There is this group of 3 amoeba boys that try really hard to be criminals but no one takes them seriously..I had that in mind,go as an amoeba.But that was like really lame.Then I thought of going as voyerism lol ...dress in a long black trench coat,sunglasses and a hat,and just walk around staring at people like in a really weird creepy way.....but I dint find a trench coat,plus Cambodia is really hot.Time was running out I dint have a costume...I dint even have an ism!!I thought of being antisocial and not go to the boat party and if anyone asked id just say my ism was antisocialism!Then I came across an ism called Fideism...something about christianity being based on faith so no one can prove that God exists..and I liked it.So the costume?I was thinking when we think about christianity what comes to mind...The Pope??a nun??A nun!!I was goin to be a NUN!!(easier than being a pope!!)So next...costume?I called up an awesome friend of mine who had a warm,wonderful,amazing lady surfing her couch and she was a really cool artist too,how lucky for we all met for lunch and am whining about how I need a nun costume bla bla bla (I can be really annoying at times) and after some good lunch we all go back to my friend's apartment and none of them had their costumes or isms ready...haha so I wasn't alone!So we all think of isms and two of them decided to go as individualism so that they did not need to make any costumes(genius),and one of us went as royalism as she has some really amazing gowns.Our amazing artist friend made a crown for her and she really looked the part,and as for my nun costume,I just tied a white piece of cloth on my head...toped it with a black t-shirt and voila!!Oh I also got like a cross pendant and voila!there was nun Maggie.

Fideism(well catholicism!!!),Individualism,Individualism and Royalism............AWESOME!!
We get to the boat party and it was amazing.Well not many people knew what Fideism was,I had an actual print out of the meaning(oh i can be stupid at times too)and everyone kept thinking I was guess what,by the end of the night I was catholicism(that's a word right?!).Am glad I pulled off a costume to begin with,am not the most creative person around...but that was a fun night!!

I have met a couple of new expats and it's been realy fun just talking to and getting to know new people and what they do..really interesting.I had lunch with two of my expat friends on Sunday,one of them is pretty new in Phnom Penh,but what she does is really interesting,wow,I was impressed.

Other not working tomorrow Yeeeeiiii.The amount of holidays in Cambodia should be illegal!!Like seriously!But I love it!So am in such a dancing mood tonite,and there is so much I wanted to write but I really better get going!


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