Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hey everyone!!!wow,wow.Av missed you all so much,nowadays i dont post as often as i would like..kinda busy.So the weekend was just...perfect.Remember before i posted about my new found mission of meeting new people?Well that has been the best mission av been on since i came to Cambodia,i dont know why i never thought of it before...Av met really wonderful wonderful people and am just sooo happy.So i had a normal week last week,just my work home,work home routine.But on Friday i went for an interview..and guess what,i got a new job(another job yeah)So i was kinda excited coz i was starting today being Monday.Anyway i was sad about leaving my other place of work after only 1 month,but i did not have a choice.They felt sad am leaving too,because we were a small kind of family...anyway i had to do what i had to do.So went back home and decided let me get some sleep before going out at night...bad idea,i slept the whole night.

I had planned to make my hair this weekend.African hair!!do i need to say more?its so complicated,am so jealous of the Asian and and Westerners..all they need to do is wash their hair as they r taking their bath,blow dry it an they are good to go.But us Africans,you need to set a full day aside to make your hair and yeah,washing the hair everyday...forget it,unless you wanna be bald in a few weeks!!So i had these ghanian lines made by my Cameroonian nice but i was tired!!I had planned to meet up with my British friend,she's called Sam,later on in the night and i was really excited.We went to this nice nice club in the biggest casino in cambodia,it was really nice.We had cocktails as we danced the night away,then they were playing live music too and the ladies who were singing had on these really short reeeeally could see the ..ahem!!but they were full of energy and the atmosphere was nice and i was hanging out with great people two Britons and a mexican.We had so much fun that night.

 We got together again on Sunday for lunch at one of the big malls here.And again i really enjoyed myself.We ate,did some shopping then had some really delicious icecream!!oooh.And what i like about hanging out with Westerners is..when it comes to the bill..we are fighting to pay the bill.Its like "oh ill get this"..."no ill get this" ..."no let me get this"..."no you got the other one,let me get this" different when am hanging out with my african girlfriends...hhahaha its such a hustle.

 There is a long weekend this week because there is a holiday on thursday and friday....we have big plans for the weekend and i cant wait!!!!!!!!

 Cheers everyone,enjoy your week.

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