Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi people,well sometimes its hard to ignore some me i have tried!!Take Lady Gaga for example(I know!!)Every few weeks or days,she is making headlines about the most weird things.The other time it was that she is a haemophrodite(rememer that?)WEll that was over then all these insane accusatoins,she is working too much that she is being hospitalised for extreme exhaustion(who gets hospitalised for that???)Apparently it was such a big deal that one time she couldnt perform at her concert standing up...she did not have the energy so she had to lie down.And what with the calling her fans little monsters???i think thats just weird.She is just a weird person.Her outfits on the red carpet...dont get me started on that.Am sure you have heard and seen all that,But the most recent one is just too much.I dont know how she will top this one in the future.At the recent MTV Video Music Awards,she had several outfits(obviously)But the outfit worth talking about was the MEAT OUTFIT!!!!yeah you heard me right.she was in an outfit made of raw meat!!WHo does that??I said outfit because it was complete..the shoes and even the purse!!Well she won 8 freaking Awards so...and according to her the meat dress was a political statement...but still.anyway I still love her and even though am not a a huge Gaga fan(who isnt??) I wonder what she did with the dress later...maybe she cooked it!!hhahahaha.(y am i laughing!!)

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